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Jagged Peak is dedicated to helping companies solve their complex demand-side supply chain issues with practical, cost-effective solutions. We recognized early on that the Internet is the ideal medium for addressing the complexities of global demand chains. In response we developed our EDGE (E-Business Demand Global Engine) platform to resolve them. EDGE contains all the advanced functionality required to conduct Internet-based business, and it can consolidate demand that originates in any other demand channel, including EDI and POS. EDGE can apply the most complex demand management decision rules and delivers perfect orders to the appropriate systems.

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Whitepaper: ACES: Getting Started With ACES In Fulfillment Operations

by Jagged PeakMar 24, 2009

This discussion will help you understand the targets and frame your approach to fulfillment operations. ACES works because it considers the fulfillment process in three dimensions: costs, customer wait time (CWT), and quality. Costs, CWT and quality issues are the negative forces of the fulfillment process and must be constantly measured, evaluated, and attacked.

Whitepaper: ACES: Benefits To Your Organization

by Jagged PeakMar 24, 2009

How does an executive know that the firm delivers exceptional customer experiences? And if experiences are falling short, how do you recognize and address the problems? Understanding the complete customer experience requires monitoring the customer experience from the customer�s viewpoint--not from an internal one--through the entire order lifecycle. How easy is it to order and how long it takes to receive the product? It�s equally important to analyze how the technology foundation either enables or hampers the achievement of a perfect customer experience. Jagged Peak has developed an advanced set of metrics called ACES to measure customer experiences and the factors contributing to them. ACES makes it possible to see performance from the customer point of view and provides a tangible set of metrics for business accountability.

Whitepaper: ACES: Beyond The Perfect Order

by Jagged PeakMar 23, 2009

Jagged Peak developed ACES (Achieving Customer Experience Superiority), a measurement model that establishes the industry�s first link between customer experience and order fulfillment. With ACES, Jagged Peak's clients have improved customer experiences to new levels of competitive advantage--increasing customer satisfaction and helping them achieve lifelong return buyers. ACES can slash time and cost throughout the order capture to delivery cycle, delivering strong customer service while boosting profit. It redefines performance, obsoletes traditional metrics, and exposes new opportunities, according to the company.