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Whitepaper: Pricing in the Shadow of Firm Turnover: ISPs During the 1990s

by Northwestern UniversityJan 13, 2012

The relationship between changes in price levels and the evolution of the market for dial-up ISPs in the United States from November 1993 to January 1999 are examined by this paper. This is a period of much entry and exit and new product introduction. The paper shows that new firms enter the market at a small but significant price discount to established incumbents. At the same time, introduction of new products/technologies are priced at a significant price premium to the existing offerings,

Whitepaper: A Fluid Analysis of a Utility-Based Wireless Scheduling Policy

by Northwestern UniversityJan 13, 2012

Northwestern University considers packet scheduling for the downlink in a wireless network, where each packet?s service preferences are captured by a utility function that depends on the total delay incurred. The aim is to schedule packet transmissions to maximize the total utility. In this setting, University examines a simple gradient-based scheduling algorithm called the ?U R-rule, which is a type of generalized c?-rule (Gc?) that takes into account both a user?s channel condition and derived

Whitepaper: Estimating Demand for Cellular Phone Service Under Nonlinear Pricing

by Northwestern UniversityJan 10, 2012

This paper develops experiential methods to analyze demand in a differentiated product market under nonlinear pricing. The goal is to present a framework that can be used to obtain demand parameters and to evaluate the impact of termination-based price discrimination. Market shares in this market can be measured either by the number of subscribers or by the traffic volume. The estimation procedure combines these two measures to analyze the consumption behavior. In addition, the author evaluates

Whitepaper: How Does Outsourcing Affect Performance Dynamics? Evidence From The Automobile Industry

by Northwestern UniversityJan 10, 2012

This research paper from Northwestern University examines the impact of vertical integration on the dynamics of performance in the context of automobile product development. Building on recent work in organizational economics and strategy, it examines a number of detailed case studies to evaluate the relationship between vertical integration and different performance margins. This paper proposes and implements a novel approach for evaluating the relationship between performance and vertical