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Whitepaper: 7 Stages of IT Monitoring Grief

by ZenossOct 19, 2012

Let's face it, a "challenging" career within IT has never been a relaxing walk in the park. And now the very paradigms that have existed for decades are now being turned upside down by cloud computing. While the term "cloud" may invoke visions of angels, softness and funny faces, the reality is cloud computing is as complex as it is exciting. Meanwhile, the fundamentals of instrumenting your infrastructure, monitoring, eventing and alerting are more critical than ever.

Today's prevalent IT monitoring solutions were built for a static paradigm that is yielding to today's dynamic paradigm of cloud computing. Making matters worse is that critical, legacy IT infrastructure cannot be retired and the pressure is building on IT to improve agility and operate as a service.

Weren't these challenges supposed to be solved a decade ago? How many solutions, tools, platforms or frameworks will it take to get these challenges solved?

If the following ring true to you, step away from your desk for a moment and ask yourself if it's time to take a new approach. Where are you in The 7 Stages of IT Monitoring Grief
Download the eBook and find out where you are in this seemingly endless cycle and how you can make progress rather than running in circles.

Whitepaper: Breaking Through the "Virtualization Stall" Barrier: Accelerating the Value and Penetration of Virtualized IT

by ZenossAug 27, 2010

Cost savings and increased server utilization have long been the promise of virtualization. While most organizations initially embraced virtualization for its benefits in saving money and improving IT productivity, business agility and server consolidation, research shows that organizations that lack adequate human and technical resources are experiencing a phenomenon known as ´┐Żvirtualization stall´┐Ż (or VM stall), which limits their utilization of virtualization to approximately 30% of their servers. By breaking through the virtualization stall barrier, companies can realize the benefits a full-scale virtual environment has to offer.

In this white paper, you will learn the technical and management challenges that have created VM stall, and how combining the right human and technical resources can help businesses accelerate the value and penetration of virtualized IT.