SharkStrike LLC, the world's leading passive candidate strategy company, and its patent-pending Push Posting human resources search engine marketing product, helps companies strengthen their passive candidate capture strategy.

SharkStrike's S^4 passive candidate offering encompasses recruitment search engine marketing (SEM), recruitment search engine optimization (HR-SEO) social media/social networking recruiting and open web candidate sourcing. By utilizing a combination of these smart recruiting techniques, employers lower their cost per applicant and cost per hire, enhance their employer proposition and increase brand value. These technologies also allow passive candidates to opt-in to company message/job postings, facilitating the company's process of engaging and successfully communicating with passive candidates.

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Whitepaper: New Study Shows Leading Edge Companies Receive Failing Grade At HR SEO Strategies

by SharkstrikeJun 15, 2009

In this first of a four-part series, Sharkstrike discusses the emergance of HR SEO, as well as findings from its research into current HR SEO practices at leading companies. Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a standard practice used by corporate marketing departments to attract qualified buyers to Web sites for years. And while many human resources leaders might know little or nothing about SEO, leading-edge companies seeking to win the talent acquisition wars are increasingly turning to methodologies that optimize the likelihood of attracting high-quality candidates.