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Genuitec, LLC, is an Eclipse-based company offering innovative Java and J2EE development tools. Genuitec offers training and expert consulting and development services for the Eclipse SDK and Rich Client Platforms. An original sponsor of Eclipse Plug-in Central, Genuitec joined the Eclipse Foundation early in 2003 and is currently supporting Eclipse as a strategic member on the Foundation's board of directors. Genuitec LLC was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas.

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Whitepaper: IBM Rational To MyEclipse Blue Edition Migration

by Genuitec, LLCSep 10, 2009

The goal of this white paper is to explore and resolve common concerns and issues surrounding a migration of your development environment from IBM�s Rational Application Developer (RAD) to MyEclipse Blue Edition from Genuitec. Why might a company choose to migrate their development tools? If the migration is decided upon, how would this be done easily and effectively? This paper will answer these common types of questions, as well as explore any intangibles that may arise during the decision and implementation process. In the following scenarios and discussion, we'll use IBM Rational Application Developer as an example of a "current" tool, and MyEclipse Blue Edition as a "new" tool being migrated to.