Whatever methods you choose for your online video advertising, thePlatform's flexible services will work your systems to meet your needs. Upload your media, set the ad pattern for the delivery time you want, and let our Player Development Kit handle the interaction with the ad campaign management system so the right ad is delivered to the right audience. With our multitude of ad system integrations, and through a combination of web services, and application programming interfaces (APIs), broadband video businesses can take advantage of interoperable services that meet their requirements. Contact us at thePlatform, and we can start helping you pursue your broadband video management and advertising goals.

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Whitepaper: Leveraging Open Technologies to Meet Advertising Goals

by thePlatformSep 23, 2009

Business models in broadband video advertising change quickly. Your competitive strength lies in your ability to adapt as the environment shifts.

The system you use to manage your media must communicate well with others so you can incorporate multiple ad servers, or quickly change providers.

Maximize ad revenue, by using fluid integration of appealing brands with your content, with flexible systems that play nicely together and are open to integration.

Download this whitepaper to see how you can pursue your broadband video needs and leverage an open technology environment to meet your advertising goals.

Whitepaper: Broadband Video: How to Ingest Large Libraries with Swift Ease

by thePlatformSep 23, 2009

Running your broadband video business involves managing a score of decisions and tasks. But before you even start to setup advertising, players, syndication, and numerous other aspects of the business, you have to get your media into a system where you can activate these features.

If your ingest method can�t accommodate automation, large content libraries, and constant changes to your media metadata, it can burden your operations and slow down your online video business.

Download this whitepaper and discover how ingesting your content into a system for distribution can be the easiest part of the workflow, with the least amount of management required on your part.