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Cabinet NG's (CNG) document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient electronic workflows. As a result, businesses can increase productivity, reduce paper, save money and meet compliance requirements. CNG's intuitive, secure and affordable filing approach provides a way to achieve a paperless office that scales with business growth. Patent pending integration technology ensures smooth workflow and seamless connection to many existing Windows-based business applications.

CNG software supports interdepartmental collaboration allowing users across the company to accomplish tasks more efficiently with centrally managed and instantly accessible documents. CNG also provides industry specific configurations to help industry verticals more quickly attain a paperless environment.

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Whitepaper: Meeting Compliance Requirements With Document Management Software

by Cabinet NGOct 15, 2009

Compliance is of primary concern to financial service, healthcare, and government organizations. Meeting compliance regulations have historically been perceived as an onerous burden. Today, leading companies are taking a broader approach to meeting compliance and are even embracing the benefits compliance offers. Meeting compliance must be a systemic process that touches all aspects of an organization. Most governmental regulations deal with the handling of business and personal information. Regulations are designed to protect against a diverse array of risks that span different industries, disciplines, and government agencies.

Whitepaper: The Business Case for a Web Content Management System

by Cabinet NGApr 22, 2009

You realize you have a problem managing content on your various Web properties. Whether this is being able to quickly and easily create, edit, and publish content without the involvement of technical resources or simply building landing pages for your online marketing initiatives, investing in a Content Management System (CMS) reduces costs and helps overcome potential barriers to all your Web communications. A CMS can also simplify site maintenance, ensure usability and consistent corporate branding, accelerate ROI, and bring information overload under control. As times change, the marketplace finds new reasons for implementing content management systems � such as using them as a basis for content-aware business application development.

Whitepaper: Application Program Interface (API)

by Cabinet NGApr 22, 2009

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) are being used by companies to organize and streamline their document processes to increase productivity and efficiency. Many of these companies also use customized software that is specific to their industry and business needs. In many cases this software is written and maintained by in-house programmers or consultants. Integration between the EDMS and the customized software is much desired because of the improved efficiencies and savings this effort can produce. Integration on a very basic level will prevent duplicate data entry and on a much deeper level might involve document creation or workflow. The integration can be accomplished using an Application Program Interface (API) that comes along with the EDMS Application.