FireEye, Inc. is the leader in anti-malware and anti-botnet protection, enabling organizations to protect critical intellectual property, computing resources, and network infrastructure against Web malware and botnet infiltration. Today's most damaging attacks are perpetrated through Web malware that forms into highly organized botnets, or networks of remotely controlled, compromised machines. FireEye delivers a complete solution that is designed from the ground up to detect and protect organizations from advanced Web malware and botnets through global and local intelligence and analysis. FireEye security appliances and the FireEye Malware Analysis & Exchange (MAX) Network service together provide comprehensive anti-malware and anti-botnet protection. FireEye appliances use virtual victim machines to analyze enterprise networks for Web-malware and related bot activities on compromised machines. The FireEye MAX Network is a globally deployed malware discovery and analysis service that provides subscribers with the most current botnet and Web malware intelligence.

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Whitepaper: Taking a Lead-Forward Approach to Combat Today's Cyber Attacks

by FireEyeMar 05, 2014

Today's cyber attacks have changed radically from just a few years ago. No longer are they the sole province of opportunistic crooks, online vandals and digitial ""hacktivists."" Today, advanced cyber attacks are the weapon of choice for organized criminal enterprises and nation-states.

This white paper highlights:

� Why organizations need much more than fundamental security tools;
� Strategies for dealing with advanced targeted attacks.

Whitepaper: The Top 10 Mistakes Incident Responders Make Combatting Advanced Threats

by FireEyeMar 05, 2014

Whether they work for an up-and-coming startup or an industry giant, security response teams are under siege as never before. Today's cyber attacks are sophisticated, relentless, and devastating, costing U.S. businesses $8.9 million a year each on average. Attacking in multiple stages across multiple vectors, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated attacks easily evade signature-based detection and other traditional defenses.

Thiswhite paper describes:

� The 10 most common mistakes, strategic and technical, that incident response teams make;
� The effect of these mistakes and how to avoid them with a well-defined incident response plan.

Whitepaper: A New Security Approach for Today's Advanced Attacks

by FireEyeMar 05, 2014

Organizations face a new breed of cyber attacks that easily thwart traditional defenses. These advanced attacks are targeted. They are persistent. And they are devastatingly effective at breaching your systems and stealing your sensitive data.

This paper examines:

� The limitations of existing security solutions;
� Several security architectures, including sandbox-based products;
� An architecture built from the ground up to truly protect against today's advanced attacks.

Whitepaper: The Need for Speed: 2013 Incident Response Survey

by FireEyeMar 05, 2014

From sophisticated new forms of malware to nation-state sponsored attacks and the advanced persistent threat, cybersecurity incidents have evolved at a rapid pace and are taking down entire networks, successfully stealing sensitive data and costing organizations millions to remediate.

In this white paper this report, you'll receive a comprehensive overview of survey results and expert analysis on:

� The top security threats for global organizations in 2013;
� The largest gaps in organization's detection and response to threats;
� How these gaps will be filled in the coming year - new staff, tools or services;
� What organizations must do to stay ahead of these advanced threats.

Whitepaper: How Data Centers are Becoming Unwitting Accomplices in Advanced Cyber Attacks

by FireEyeMar 04, 2014

If information is the lifeblood of today's digital economy, data centers are the heart. These mini-metropolises of silicon, metal, and cable are as essential to modern business as steel, motors, and coal were to the last great industrial revolution. In addition to their vital role in most business processes, data centers are the building blocks of emerging trends such as Big Data, global collaboration, and even bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

The white paper describes:

� The widening gap between the offensive capabilities of today's cyber attackers and the weak traditional defenses deployed in most data centers;
� How organizations can better protect data centers.

Whitepaper: 1

by FireEyeDec 20, 2012

Whitepaper: NG_TEST_DR555

by FireEyeDec 20, 2012

Whitepaper: Test Whitepaper

by FireEyeNov 21, 2012

Whitepaper: Advanced Threat Report: What You Need to Know About the Latest Cyber Attacks and How to Protect Your Organization

by FireEyeSep 20, 2012

Defend your organization against the kind of sophisticated and devastating cyber attacks seen in the first half of 2012 by staying current on the most effective threats--and why they work.

In a unique report from FireEye, written specifically for CISOs, IT Security Directors, and other senior executives with enterprise-level security responsibility, gain valuable insight into the most lethal attacks of this year and how they are successfully evading traditional defenses. This exclusive information comes from the FireEye Malware Intelligence Labs, and provides firsthand information on the threat landscape so far in 2012.

Download this biannual report, and discover:

� The types of new malware that have gotten past the security defenses of leading organizations--and how these threats got through

� How the pattern of attacks varies by industry, and which high-growth sectors are especially vulnerable

� Why email-based attacks are particularly dangerous, and which have been the most successful

Keep your organization safe by staying educated. Download the report to learn more about identifying and preventing cyber attacks.

Whitepaper: Protecting Against Advanced Malware and Targeted APT Attacks

by FireEyeFeb 20, 2012

Regain the upper hand on advanced targeted attacks. Learn how in a compelling new brief featuring Gartner research.

The cyber criminals are winning.

Today, more than 95 percent of businesses unknowingly host compromised endpoints. This is a direct result of advanced targeted attacks easily circumventing traditional IT security defenses - which can lead to theft of customer data, loss of valuable intellectual property, and irreparable damage to your brand. Discover what every security professional should know about stopping today's advanced threats, such as zero-day and targeted APT attacks, before they compromise your network. In this eye-opening research brief, you'll learn:

� How traditional defenses such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and web gateways can leave you vulnerable to zero-day and other targeted attacks

� How to neutralize the impact of advanced targeted attacks with a "lean forward" six-step continuous monitoring approach

� How to gain visibility into all stages of attacks across web and email

Don't leave your network - and your brand - unprotected. Download your copy of this exclusive brief, now.