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About Atlantic Global PLC Established in 1993, Atlantic Global have over 16 years of experience in developing and delivering cost-effective software applications to manage the project and the people in an organisation and improve the management of the business. In collaboration with long-standing clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Aviva (Norwich Union) Atlantic Global have developed a best-of-breed solution designed to respond to the problems of enterprise project and resource management.

Atlantic Global OnDemand is a comprehensive suite of business software designed to manage every aspect of your business, ranging from simple timesheet and expense management all the way up to Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Atlantic Global's mission is to help businesses to better understand their resource capability and deployment, thereby enabling improvement in operational efficiency and effectiveness. To learn more about Atlantic Global please visit:

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Whitepaper: Selecting & Implementing an Effective Time & Expense Management Solution

by Atlantic Global PLCAug 21, 2009

In this guide, Atlantic Global looks at some of the common benefits of automating your timesheet and expense capture; how significant cost savings can be achieved, and how your organization can potentially improve its bottom line. Atlantic focuses on basics such as home-grown vs. dedicated solutions and client-installed software vs. software as a service (SaaS), and complex areas of tax credits and automated client billing. Using real client case studies, we highlight some of the key benefits of Timesheet and Expense Management solutions including:

To complete the guide we present our Top 10 recommendations for implementing an effective time & expense management solution.
•   Improved Project Cost Control
•   Increased Resource Utilisation
•   Shorter Billing Cycles with Improved Cash Flow
•   Receive Tax Credits on R& D Expenditure
•   Reclaim VAT on Business Expenses
•   Reduce Reporting Timeframes
•   Eliminate data entry errors and improve data quality
•   Deliver projects on time and too budget
•   Reduce Billing Rejection Rates
•   Reduce expense costs per employee per annum
To complete the guide we present our Top 10 recommendations for implementing an effective time & expense management solution.

Whitepaper: Project Portfolio Management: An Overview

by Atlantic Global PLCAug 12, 2009

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is about how the business manages projects as short-, medium-, and long-term strategic investments. It helps the business establish a clear line of sight from the top right down to the individual project layer -- giving you the ability to spot project redundancies before they happen. From the strategic viewpoint, it allows stakeholders, business leaders, and executives to see clearly and understand how effective their strategies are and, if necessary, which programs and projects to review. From the operational point of view, PPM empowers the portfolio, program, resource and project managers with tools, support, and necessary corporate accountability to execute project delivery. This white paper introduces the concept of PPM and explores the main driving forces behind its emergence and the resulting benefits if implemented as a part of your corporate strategy.

Whitepaper: Thinking Outside the Cell: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Spreadsheet Security

by Atlantic Global PLCJul 31, 2009

The overuse and abuse of spreadsheets presents a real danger to the security and competitiveness of your organisation. This paper aims to further the debate over the viability of spreadsheets versus commercial business systems by posing 6 questions you should ask yourself if you use spreadsheets to manage your finances, expenses, projects, contracts or resources. It explores the dangers of using spreadsheets and letting them get out of control. In this paper are examples of the very real danger that spreadsheets can pose to any size of company if they are widely used for mission-critical and financial exercises, including a North American power generation company which suffered a loss of several million dollars as a result of a simple spreadsheet error.

The white paper goes on to question the perception of spreadsheets as a 'cheap option' for managing data, challenging managers to really analyse how much time and effort goes into maintaining spreadsheets on their team. Over a resonable period of time, the costs associated with the up-keep of spreadsheets and the loss of man-hours which could be spent on more productive pursuits will outweigh the cost of investing in a commercial business management system.

Whitepaper: MavenWire Case Study

by Atlantic Global PLCJul 24, 2009

Read how MavenWire, a provider of independent Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) services, implemented Atlantic Global OnDemand to automate the capture of time and expenditure for its international consultancy operation, which is in a number of countries across the EMEA and North America regions.

Whitepaper: Ibsecad Case Study

by Atlantic Global PLCMay 06, 2009

Ibsecad is a successful and expanding international company, supplying the construction industry with design, installation, and as-built drawings. Read how Ibsecad replaced spreadsheets for recording time and expenses and resource planning for dozens of high-profile projects for 75 CAD designers and project managers.