Grouputer is a pioneer in meeting software and integrates a suite of standard web conferencing tools with a Group Decision Support System (GDSS) into a single application. Together this combination allows teams to conduct complex problem solving and planning in workshops, meetings, training, as well as seminars and surveys. Teams are able to review and share reference documents, presentations, create agenda, rapidly brainstorm ideas, use voting and categorizing tools to analyze problems, prioritize solutions and prepare action plans to implement agreed tasks. All session output is available for distribution in structured reports.

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Whitepaper: Building Higher Levels Of Critical Thinking With Collaboration

by GrouputerMay 01, 2008

A new model of learning that integrates online collaborative technology and process-centric learning is slowly emerging in response to the need for improved critical thinking in education and the workplace. If it succeeds, the new model will change "bricks and mortar" learning to a multimodal model where learning occurs in physical and virtual spaces, collaboratively and individually, with real-time input from teachers supported by peer-to-peer collaboration; anywhere, anytime, anyhow.