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Awarepoint's real time location systems (RTLSs) include its real time awareness platform, firmware, RFID tags, sensors, and bridges. Awarepoint's technologies collect raw sensor data and transform that data into high-value positioning information that can be used to add location awareness to a variety of healthcare, manufacturing, security and other applications. Requiring no hard wiring, Awarepoint's "plug and track" network is a fully managed service, including hardware, software, remote monitoring and maintenance. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California and serves hospitals across the United States through a national sales and operations workforce.

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Whitepaper: Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) In Healthcare: Wi-Not Wi-Fi?

by Awarepoint CorporationAug 01, 2009

CIOs must ask some very important questions to appraise the cost and value of Wi-Fi-based RTLS: Are you really using existing infrastructure? What is the cost (in time and expertise) for on-going maintenance of Wi-Fi RTLS? How will Wi-Fi RTLStraffic affect your network? The �just add water� story Wi-Fi marketers publicize loses steam in real-world applications. Once you�ve optimized your Wi-Fi infrastructure for RTLS, you will need extensive location planning of highly trained individuals to keep it calibrated. Hospital administrators who select Wi-Fi-based RTLS will be quickly disenchanted to find that with the increased �noise� Wi-Fi RTLS tags generate, Wi-Fi communications performance will degrade.