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Panopticon Software

Panopticon's data visualization software helps traders, portfolio managers, CIOs, and other managers in financial institutions make timely, insightful and informed business decisions. Panopticon combines innovations in three areas:

> World class, academically validated information visualizations, including Treemaps, Heat Maps, Stack Graphs, Horizon Graphs, Bullet Graphs and other useful data visualisations.
> Business Intelligence monitoring & analysis functions.
> Ability to connect to virtually any data source, including streaming feeds, relational databases, and proprietary data formats.

The Panopticon Data Visualization platform is available as an SDK that enables firms to embed these capabilities into their own proprietary applications. The company also offers enterprise and desktop versions of its data visualization tools that companies can deploy quickly. Panopticon offers a free trial period for all of its data visualization software, including its popular Treemap and Heatmap enterprise-deployed and desktop software products.

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