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Palomar Technologies, Inc.

Palomar Technologies enables manufacturers in emerging telecommunications markets - such as optoelectronic, photonic and high frequency wireless - improve production quality and yield, shorten assembly times, and increase profits. We design, build, integrate and support the high-precision machinery to assemble complex packages. Our award winning "automatic bonders," connect the tiny silicon chip to the chip package -- a process referred to as "first-level interconnect" in microchip manufacturing. We offer custom integration of multiple machines and processes into a complete assembly line, delivering a simple and powerful solution.

Established in 1975 as part of Hughes Aircraft Company Assembly and Test, Palomar Technologies became an independent company in 1995 as the result of a management buy-out. The new company moved quickly from a defense-based, engineering-driven focus to a commercially-based, market-driven focus. Palomar Technologies is the world's expert on critical precision assembly processes and equipment used in commercial microelectronics packaging, and the world's premier supplier of production-grade telecom/datacom component manufacturing equipment.

Phone: 760-931-3600
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