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BTM Corporation (Business Technology Management Corporation) is a management solutions provider that innovates new business models, enhances financial performance, and improves operational efficiency by converging business and technology with its unique on-demand products and intellectual property (IP). The company focuses on executing solutions from a concept to value lifecycle with management processes, software applications, and cross-disciplinary domain expertise that allow its customers to build better businesses through the strategic use of technology. Founded in 1999, BTM Corporation is headquartered in Stamford, CT.

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Whitepaper: Advancing Maturity With BTM Fusion 360

by BTM CorporationMay 11, 2009

Bringing business and technology together remains one of the fundamental problems encountered in management practices today. The industry is still searching for a "lingua franca" or common language that enables leadership teams to operate together. BTM Fusion 360 combines a digitized standard framework for business technology management with a design environment. Built from the experience gained from 10 years of R&D and usage across a dozen industries, this powerful combination is now available to enable individual business technology professionals to establish better business technology management practices. Companies that have embraced Business Technology Management report significant tactical and deep strategic benefits. BTM Fusion 360 offers managers, practitioners, academics, and consultants the industry�s first on-demand "co-creation" platform of business technology management practices. In the interactive environment of BTM Fusion 360, users learn the fundamentals and inner workings needed for the management of business technology convergence; gain the ability to create immediate, actionable plans that can improve personal and organizational management skill sets; and ultimately boost financial performance and operational efficiency of their enterprise or client(s).