AutoVirt is the leading provider of management software for unstructured data on Windows networks. The AutoVirt 3.0 platform provides a single web-based console to automate migration, replication, and archiving projects, without disrupting end-users.

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Webcast: Extending DFS: Storage Management

by AutoVirtDec 01, 2009

Many storage managers like the concept of DFS, but can�t find the time or take the risk to implement it. Attend this webinar to learn how to build upon the concept of the DFS global namespace to provide a single platform for data management.

Webcast: AutoVirt 3.0 For Unstructured Data Management

by AutoVirtNov 01, 2009

Download this Webinar to hear storage expert Klavs Landberg speak about AutoVirt�s latest technology � the AutoVirt 3.0 storage management platform for unstructured data on Windows. This release helps you easily implement disaster protection, data life cycle management, and data distribution, building upon a robust foundation of data migration and consolidation capabilities. Klavs delves into AutoVirt�s core architecture and review the storage challenges tackled uniquely by AutoVirt through an easy, plug-and-play design that allows users to quickly address evolving needs. Enter your information to receive an e-mail with a link to the presentation.

Whitepaper: How to Reduce Storage Sprawl with File Virtualization

by AutoVirtNov 01, 2009

Sprawling storage environments are expensive and inefficient to manage. This document introduces file virtualization as a solution and discusses how AutoVirt combines file virtualization and automation in a powerful storage management platform.

Whitepaper: AutoVirt and Microsoft DFS: What’s the Difference?

by AutoVirtNov 01, 2009

This document evaluates when to use Microsoft DFS, and when to use AutoVirt. It provides a detailed functional comparison of the two technologies, a look at the capabilities provided by each, and explains how AutoVirt interacts with DFS.

Whitepaper: Data Protection: 3 Ways to Protect Data Access Loss

by AutoVirtNov 01, 2009

Remote-site data protection and high availability protect your business. This document discusses three replication topologies offered by AutoVirt that provide automated failover and can be implemented without disruption to end-user access.

Whitepaper: AutoVirt 3.0 Platform White Paper

by AutoVirtNov 01, 2009

This paper provides an in-depth look at AutoVirt 3.0 management software for unstructured data on Windows networks. Learn how IT departments use AutoVirt�s global namespace and policy engine to automate copying, migration, and replication jobs.

Whitepaper: Efficient Storage Environments: 4 Data Management Traps to Avoid

by AutoVirtNov 01, 2009

This document identifies four traps to avoid when managing environments plagued by rapid unstructured data growth. It discusses how a distributed file system like AutoVirt helps IT avoid those traps and create more efficient storage environments.