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RAMP is a technology solutions integrator, exclusively focused on RFID integration and application development. RAMP will handle all your RFID system needs from early concept development to full-scale system implementation and deployment. Whether you are just starting to explore RFID or you are ready to find ways to maximize competitive advantages through a broad application, RAMP can provide a complete RFID solution. A RAMP consultant will work with you to design, select, install, and support a solution that meets your current requirements and is positioned to deliver on your future goals. A RAMP RFID specialists work with you to integrate RFID into your current operations and help uncover additional areas where you may be able to leverage RFID technology.

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Whitepaper: Cost-Benefit Analysis Of An RFID Asset-Tracking System

by Ramp RFID SolutionsJul 09, 2009

Ramp RFID Solutions presents an RFID cost-benefit analyses of an RFID asset-tracking system. An experiment comparing RFID with bar-coding was conducted and the findings from this experiment were further analyzed from the point of view of a hypothetical, but realistic, asset-tracking operation.