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Whitepaper: New Considerations to Maximize Your Desktop Virtualization Implementation In 2011

by HP/AMD/VMwareApr 29, 2011

Companies have adopted server virtualization to reduce costs and improve IT control. Now they can make use of desktop virtualization technology to further streamline IT management, improve service levels, and harden data security.

Whitepaper: Business Risk and the Midsize Firm: What Can Be Done to Minimize Disruptions?

by HP/AMD/VMwareDec 12, 2010

Executives of midsize businesses may wonder how to prepare for the possibility that a calamity could wipe out their IT operations. The words "disaster recovery" (DR) evoke images of the earthquake in Northridge, California, or flooding in Chicago and Nashville � events that took businesses of all sizes offline. This paper presents an approach through which targeted solutions and management can reduce business risks by planning to address disruptions and by addressing technical challenges to business continuity.

Whitepaper: Virtualization Innovation to Weather Any Storm

by HP/AMD/VMwareOct 21, 2010

The business needs of Woodforest National Bank�a 24 x 7 operation�led the IT leadership to deploy a virtualized environment to help confidently manage the risk of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Whitepaper: A Comprehensive Framework for Securing Virtualized Data Centers

by HP/AMD/VMwareSep 30, 2010

Virtualization is moving to the mainstream and may soon be overtaking non-virtualized environments as a method for deploying applications. Does this broad adoption of virtualization, though, make network security easier or more difficult to achieve? While responses to this question are still highly varied, one thing is certain: most companies still have no clear and definite security policy for their virtual environments.

Perhaps as a result of this failure to tackle the security question when deploying virtualized servers, some experts claim that the majority of virtual deployments may be less secure than physical deployments. While there are real challenges to deploying applications securely in a virtual environment, there is also a fair amount of hype surrounding the topic.

Read this whitepaper to separate the two, and understand the real need for security solutions that can address the reality of expanding virtualization. You will also learn how HP TippingPoint�s secure virtualization framework allows organizations to gain control of the virtual environment by introducing in-line security policy enforcement.

Whitepaper: Achieving Improved Network Security with IP and DNS Reputation

by HP/AMD/VMwareSep 30, 2010

As cyber threats across the globe continue to increase in number and sophistication, security and networking personnel must not only work harder but also smarter to stay ahead of malicious attacks. Sophisticated scanning, penetrating, and obfuscating tools and techniques are more widely available now more than ever before. Worst of all, hackers are now highly motivated to penetrate networks, applications, and databases to steal information that can quickly be sold for profit using botnets and other resources they control.

Read this whitepaper to learn how HP TippingPoint IP and DNS reputation services can act as a first line of defense against the rapidly expanding sources of bad network traffic, including botnets, malware, phishing sites, and compromised hosts � saving your company time, money, and embarrassment.

Whitepaper: Virtualizing Network Connections and Capacity with HP FlexFabric

by HP/AMD/VMwareSep 30, 2010

Network teams are faced with a race to build out data center network capacity and to effectively provision connectivity at an increasing speed. To keep pace, IT organizations need a network architecture that is more coherent, flexible, and agile. But they don�t want to give up the stability, high availability, and security offered by the proven compute and storage networks currently installed in their data centers.

With FlexFabric, HP is creating a new balance by combining the best standards-based networking technologies with a new modular architecture that optimizes the full range of virtualization capabilities while meeting business requirements for both low total cost of ownership, faster time-to-service, and critical requirements for IT governance and compliance.

Read this whitepaper to learn how HP FlexFabric can provision your network resources efficiently and securely to accelerate deployment of virtualized workloads.

Whitepaper: Strategy Guide to Risk Mitigation for Midsize Businesses

by HP/AMD/VMwareJun 30, 2010

Unplanned IT downtime is expensive--and can even be disastrous--for a business. This Strategy Guide targets mid-size businesses, and helps IT leaders identify and mitigate business risks. Learn how the right technology and the application of IT best practices can significantly reduce the risks, and their consequent costs.

Whitepaper: Tips to Keeping the Public Secure

by HP/AMD/VMwareJun 30, 2010

When an IT system or local area network is down in the realm of public safety, dispatchers, first responders and other decision makers lose access to critical data and applications. This branch office consolidation strategy guide is designed to help public safety organizations keep their IT systems and local-area networks up and running--and keep the public secure.

Whitepaper: Strategy Guide to Branch Office Consolidation for Midsize Businesses

by HP/AMD/VMwareJun 30, 2010

Branch offices are often neglected outposts of IT. Central headquarters get priority in the IT budget, while remote locations usually get short shrift. Yet the branch office is often where a company interacts with most of its customers. Learn how HP's solutions approach allows companies to consolidate branches, or add new branches as they grow, in the most cost-efficient and productive way possible.

Whitepaper: Strategy Guide to Branch Office Consolidation for Local Government

by HP/AMD/VMwareJun 30, 2010

Regional government offices can be neglected outposts of IT, but they need reliable resources to serve the residents who come to their agencies for help and guidance. This challenge is felt nationally, as agencies are consolidating some of their operations and the IT that sup�ports them. But combining branches and their IT technologies without a plan for adapting the IT infrastructure can be difficult, complicated and expensive.

This guide discusses the challenges and explains HP�s solutions approach, which is based on its latest generation of ProLiant servers and designed for different-sized organizations.