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Gecad Technologies SA, member of the GECAD Group and ISO 9001:2008 certified, is the vendor of AXIGEN, a messaging solution for professionals that ensures an efficient and secure worldwide communication environment and business growth for both service providers and companies of all sizes. For further details, please visit

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Whitepaper: AntiVirus and AntiSpam E-mail Scanning

by AXIGEN - Gecad TechnologiesOct 06, 2010

This white paper from Axigen offers a comprehensive analysis of the ways to secure corporate e-mail systems. It offers an opinion on the available approaches, architectures, and deployment options for implementing security applications in the e-mail infrastructure, while keeping a focus on the benefits of using the integrated Axigen-Kaspersky solution.

Whitepaper: Identity Confirmation: Challenge/Response Anti-spam Filtering With A Twist

by AXIGEN - Gecad TechnologiesJan 13, 2010

This article performs a comprehensive analysis of Axigen Identity Confirmation -- a challenge/response-based anti-spam system embedded in the Axigen solution. It is a pertinent presentation of the concept, characteristics and benefits entailed by identity confirmation in the context of the overall existing challenge/response anti-spam filtering technology and the way it has been, until now, approached and made available to the general public.

Whitepaper: Axigen Ajax WebMail Third-party Web Content

by AXIGEN - Gecad TechnologiesDec 03, 2009

This white paper discusses the features and benefits that the Ajax WebMail interface of Axigen Mail Server offers in terms of third-party content delivery, including their impact on user productivity, targeted information delivery, creation of value added services or advertising.