RiverMuse delivers next-generation event and fault management that uniquely enables IT organizations to maintain the health of their increasingly complex and adaptive environments so they can optimize service levels, drive down costs, and respond more nimbly to the changing needs of the business. RiverMuse's open source model allows the global community of IT professionals to effectively collaborate in order to fulfill evolving market requirements with new software economics. The company was founded by the serial entrepreneurs who launched Micromuse and RiverSoft and whose innovations assure a majority of all public and private internet infrastructures in use today. For more information, please visit

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Whitepaper: Service-Centric IT Operations Management In Small And Medium Enterprises: Challenges And Requirements

by RivermuseFeb 17, 2010

This white paper discusses how the pace of innovation in service-delivery technologies has increased the complexity of IT Operations Management for organizations of all sizes. This problem is particularly acute for small and medium Enterprises (SMEs), including regional managed service providers�-which have traditionally operated with a lean staff and simpler but silo-based management systems. How do SMEs cope with the complexity? Many SMEs are streamlining operational processes and holding down costs through the acquisition of centralized operations management systems that consolidate, correlate and manage enterprise wide events in a single console or a Manager of Managers (MoMs).

Whitepaper: Next Generation IT Event & Fault Management - Why a new architecture is so important.

by RivermuseNov 01, 2009

The technical architectures of legacy network management platforms have not evolved significantly since their introduction nearly two decades ago.

With the rapid adoption of dynamically changing environments such as virtualized servers, MPLS networks and service-oriented architectures, the need for change is long overdue.

This white paper explores a new approach to IT event and fault management that will bring long awaited flexibility and agility to IT operations. Download this free whitepaper today and find out how to:

� Simplify your IT event and fault management operations.
� Reduce the costs of existing systems by 50% or more.
� Free yourself from traditional vendor lock-in.
� Enable a flexible, agile IT infrastructure for the dynamic new world.

Learn about the next generation in IT event and fault management. This compelling whitepaper is free for network management professionals, infrastructure specialists and open-source enthusiasts to download today.

Whitepaper: Breakthrough Event & Fault Management for the New IT

by RivermuseOct 01, 2009

The last twenty years have seen the complexity of enterprise and telecoms service delivery infrastructures grow beyond the economic viability of systems put in place to enable service management personnel to keep order. Infrastructure change and complexity are too great to manually maintain business logic.

RiverMuse ushers in a new era of groundbreaking innovation in event management in order to cost effectively support the rapid adoption of a dynamic service delivery infrastructure by most businesses, irrespective of size.

Download this product overview to learn more about the next generation in IT event and fault management.