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AVIcode is the leading provider of .NET application monitoring solutions, recommended by Microsoft as a best practice. Our flagship product, Intercept Studio, reduces business risk and improves profitability by detecting problems in real-time throughout the application lifecycle, including end-user monitoring. Our customers benefit from immediate reporting on root causes of errors, down to the line of code and a completely reproducible test case. Organizations worldwide rely on AVIcode's technology to get applications to market faster, reduce maintenance and management costs, and ensure maximum availability and reliability.

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Whitepaper: A Guide to Diagnosing .NET Application Errors

by AVIcode, Inc.Jan 15, 2010

Businesses often struggle to meet the demands of a complex .NET infrastructure that requires ever-increasing flexibility and agility. They typically lack a comprehensive view of .NET application behavior and the issues associated with distributed transactions. This limits their ability to achieve real-time diagnosis of code failures or identify and eliminate critical performance bottlenecks.

This white paper details methods for effectively diagnosing .NET application errors using Microsoft�s System Center Operations Manager 2007 and both AVIcode and Microsoft management packs. Learn how to attain a comprehensive view of application behavior and provide real-time diagnosis of code failures and performance bottlenecks. Learn how .NET application availability and reliability can be improved through:

-End-to-end performance monitoring of line of business (LOB) applications
-Service level availability (SLA) monitoring
-Analysis of security, connectivity, coding and performance problems
-Pinpointing load balancing issues
-Understanding trends in historical data

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Monitoring Line of Business Applications: Ensuring Availability and Reliability

by AVIcode, Inc.Jan 15, 2010

It�s a truth we all know � the vast majority of applications will experience a failure or performance bottleneck at some time, whether due to expected or unexpected errors. An effective application monitoring and management solution enables organizations to proactively identify application issues and to generate real-time alerts when those issues occur, helping to ensure optimal application availability and reliability.

This white paper explores approaches for effectively monitoring business applications to ensure they achieve optimal performance and uptime. Discover the various expected and unexpected application errors that can arise during software development. Learn why an effective monitoring solution for line of business applications should be based on an always-on approach that combines reactive and proactive techniques to detect both expected and unexpected errors. Explore a practical example of how an actual organization implemented en effective monitoring solution to achieve enhanced application performance.

Whitepaper: Troubleshooting .NET Applications

by AVIcode, Inc.Jan 15, 2010

The growing complexity of distributed enterprise application environments creates challenges for effectively managing and monitoring applications. Organizations may lack the solutions necessary for �keyboard-to-eyeball� production level monitoring and troubleshooting. Without these solutions, it is time-consuming and difficult to identify sources of application failures and bottlenecks.

This white paper addresses how to troubleshoot common application problems that occur on production servers. Learn how to effectively pinpoint the sources of application crashes and functionality failures. Discover how to create a memory dump and analyze it in order to troubleshoot memory leaks, thread contentions and thread deadlocks. Explore how to effectively identify and eliminate performance degradation without impacting your production server.