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Encanvas is a business software publisher. Encanvas Secure&Live is an Integrated Software Platform enabling the design, deployment and operation of portal applications without programming. Solutions include Enterprise Mashups, Agile Development, Business Intelligence, Mobile Applications, Map Data Integration and Cloud Computing.

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Whitepaper: Building The Agile Enterprise Powered By Services Oriented Architecture

by Encanvas Inc.Jan 11, 2010

In this document Encanvas outlines the "must-do-wells" and critical success factors surrounding the move from traditional enterprise IT platforms to a modern services-oriented architecture.

Whitepaper: Geo-Everything: An Introduction To Collaborative Mapping

by Encanvas Inc.Nov 28, 2009

As the business value of location data has been realized -- in achieving productivity gains, removing inefficiencies, improving coordination etc. �- the number of people and processes requiring geo-spatial technology has grown substantially. No longer is it affordable or sensible to purchase dedicated and prescriptive geo-spatial solutions for each specific application that could benefit from it. Today, some organizations operate three, four, or five different geo-spatial information systems creating a complex and inflexible IT infrastructure. This paper examines the alternatives.

Whitepaper: Top 10 Enterprise Mashup Software Products

by Encanvas Inc.Nov 28, 2009

Mashups are in the front line of realigning IT toward growth innovation, providing the essential capability to gather data from across and beyond the enterprise to then extend people networks and processes beyond the boundary of the enterprise securely. If you�re thinking about SOA or already adopting, enterprise mashups represent the ideal portal solution to mix and consume Web services. Enterprise mashups are set to play a significant role in government IT during 2010.

Whitepaper: The Game-Changing Role Of Enterprise Mashups In Government

by Encanvas Inc.Nov 19, 2009

Government departments and regional authorities around the world are under pressure to achieve the improbable; of delivering improvements in the quality of services to citizens while finding sizeable cashable efficiency savings. The IT function is in the front-line of achieving both of these desired outcomes. With advances in enterprise mashups, new opportunities exist in government IT today for dramatic cost reductions and growth innovation fueled by online data capture, social networking, collaboration, process optimisation, mobility, and the code-free design of composite applications that federate data from across the enterprise. This paper explores the game-changing role of enterprise mashups on government IT.

Whitepaper: ERP In A Services-Oriented World

by Encanvas Inc.Nov 17, 2009

In the 1990s, the common definition of "best IT" was "best ERP system." IT leaders were encouraged to believe that one system could be procured and deployed to support all essential business continuity processes of the enterprise, while at the same time provide a single version of the truth. That was then. The 2000s have become a battle to win communities and this has moved the value focus of computing out of the data center and into the portal, where people, networks, and the consumption of knowledge are the winning tickets. This paper examines the changing role of Enterprise Resource Planning in a services-oriented world.

Whitepaper: Killing The Shadow Systems

by Encanvas Inc.Oct 29, 2009

Shadow systems consist of small-scale databases or spreadsheets developed and used by end users outside the direct control of an organization's IT department. Many companies have started to experience the consequences of non-existent, insufficient, or poorly implemented data security plans. The absence of proper IT to serve the diversity of information management, analysis, and human-centric workflow requirements that exist in the office has created a paucity of unsecured business-critical information held in spreadsheets and micro-databases beyond the governance of IT teams. This white paper considers the business consequences of shadow systems and what IT teams can do to eradicate them.

Whitepaper: Really Agile Business Intelligence

by Encanvas Inc.Oct 05, 2009

Research in the performance of business intelligence tools finds that most deployments serve less than 15% of the enterprise population requiring insights to make better decisions. It's surprising then that corporations on average employ more than 15 different BI tools. The high cost and complexity to change means that many Enterprise BI software suites focus on answering questions that are already well understood. Learning lessons from previous deployments suggest the future of business intelligence lies in nimble tools that extend collaborative workspaces with "instant insight."

Whitepaper: Enterprise Social Office Portals And The Battle For Communities

by Encanvas Inc.Sep 11, 2009

Social networking and the always-on digital society change the business world. Organizations can no longer hope to chaperone all of the information workers require or by themselves resource the many business processes necessary to achieve strategic goals. The business world has become about collaboration, social networking, and earning the trust of customers and business partners by opening up and sharing information. It�s a battle for hearts and minds; a battle for communities. This new era redefines the role of corporate IT as a technology adviser, information contributor, and guardian of trusted computing platforms. System must extend networks and processes beyond the boundaries of the enterprise enabling users to serve their own information and collaborative needs and possess the tools necessary to work from anywhere at any time. This paper examines the emerging "social office" and its hybrid blend of communications tools that are transforming business and IT.