OpenTrust is a NexGen security software provider that secures all the elements of an Information System through a set of trusted web services. The OpenTrust platform builds a chain of trust between users, devices and networks, ensuring high flexibility while enforcing security. The OpenTrust platform is integrated with most leading security, HSM and IAM and smart token vendors. OpenTrust solutions have been deployed by millions of users over 100 Fortune 1,000 companies around the globe. OpenTrust's comprehensive trust and security solutions place electronic trust at the heart of the information system. We provided business and government agencies with a complete package for Trusted Networks, Trusted Identity and Trusted Transactions

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Whitepaper: test title

by OpenTrustJan 18, 2012

Whitepaper: Seven Common User Requests For Security

by OpenTrustFeb 28, 2010

CIOs and CSOs are faced with seven key IT security issues that are critical for modern business success. This white paper describes how a trust-based security infrastructure can address each of these challenges. Learn how you can exchange files securely between business partners; secure your corporate smartphone fleet; provide strong authentication for remote users; provide secure access regardless of network technology; digitalize paper workflows while retaining data integrity and legal compliance; and manage digital certificates for all your users, infrastructure and devices to provide trust that is rapidly deployed and future proof.