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CentRealTech, Inc. is a privately held "high performance" technology and services company led by former title industry and technology executives with over 100 years of experience. The team set out in 2007 to become an established brand within the Title and Real Estate industries. Our strategy is to provide innovative services and technology that will eliminate manual processes from current practices, incorporate streamlined work flow processes with integrated information flows and deliver complete property searches that facilitate "title ready" products and documentation within hours of the initial request.

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Whitepaper: One Click Automated Title Production System

by CentRealTech, Inc.Feb 21, 2008

The title and real estate industries are beginning to see the bottom of the housing slump, the resolution of the sub-mortgage collapse and order out of chaos within the financial markets. Obviously the impact to geographic markets in the U.S. vary considerably, but with the assistance that has been provided by the federal government in the form of stimulus and special programs, the title and real estate industries are starting to become healthy beneficiaries of these initiatives.