Solutionary is the next generation managed security service provider (MSSP), focused on delivering managed security services and global threat intelligence. Comprehensive Solutionary security monitoring and security device management services protect traditional and virtual IT infrastructures, cloud environments and mobile data. Solutionary clients are able to optimize current security programs, make informed security decisions, achieve regulatory compliance and reduce costs. Services are delivered 24/7 through multiple state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers.

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Whitepaper: Threat Intelligence Defined

by SolutionaryJan 01, 2015

The entire security industry has focused in on the newest buzzwords: Threat Intelligence. The term is so broadly used the definition of "intelligence" is sometimes lost. Some services are simply offering access to minimally analyzed (or even raw) data. Learn how to tell what "intelligence" really means and how to differentiate the offerings in this Solutionary white paper.

  • Get a clear definition of what intelligence is and the core disciplines within it.
  • Review the current evolution of cyber intelligence and its offspring: cyber threat intelligence.
  • Document the steps in the intelligence process necessary to transform raw data into intelligence.

Whitepaper: Top-Down Security and the Security Life Cycle

by SolutionaryDec 01, 2014

Security is a necessary component in the corporate digital infrastructure. Unfortunately, rallying support behind security initiatives is often easier said than done. By improving mutual understanding of management and analyst perspectives, IT security professionals and non-technical managers can define a smoother process to develop and improve the organization's security infrastructure.

  • Understanding internal communication is key to defining a security infrastructure.
  • Explore possible thought processes of how and why certain perspectives exist between management and analyst.
  • Review the benefit of a hybrid life cycle approach.

Whitepaper: Malware Detection with Network Monitoring: Not Quite Enough

by SolutionarySep 01, 2014

When IT professionals think about information security, they often think about network intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion protection systems (IPS) early in the process. Network IDS/IPS has long been a mainstay for detecting malicious activity and continues to be a very important piece of the security puzzle. Unfortunately for security professionals, that puzzle continues to evolve and becomes increasingly large and complex.

  • Review why advanced detection techniques and dynamic analysis are necessary to protect your organization against malicious attackers.
  • Obtain a more focused picture of threats attacking your network.
  • Read five real-world case studies.

Whitepaper: Follow Seven Steps for Better DoS and DDoS Protection

by SolutionaryMay 01, 2012

Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are used increasingly by cybercriminals to target large and mid-size enterprises. DoS/DDoS attacks today are more sophisticated, varied and potent. Organizations need to protect themselves against the threat of DoS/DDoS attacks. This informative white paper from the Solutionary Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) discusses DoS/DDoS attacks, typical attack scenarios, and the seven steps organizations can take to mitigate impact.

Whitepaper: Endpoint Security and the iPad

by SolutionaryApr 15, 2012

The iPad is essentially a laptop, with many of the same security concerns as any other computing device. This white paper examines endpoint security and the iPad from both its internal security protections, as well as some of the overall security concerns.

Whitepaper: The Business Case for Managed Security Services

by SolutionaryApr 15, 2012

There are a lot of decisions to be made when evaluating Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products vs. hiring a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). This white paper looks at both options and explains when it makes sense to choose one option over the other.

Whitepaper: Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threats

by SolutionaryFeb 06, 2012

Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs are a class of highly sophisticated, targeted attacks. Since the publicity associated with the January 2010 news that numerous large organizations in the Internet, finance, technology, media, and chemical sectors had been targeted by APTs, this style of attack has received a great deal of attention. Since 2010, numerous APT attacks have been publicly acknowledged by organizations of in the software, security, defense and other industries. The wide range of industries these attackers have targeted represents a significant challenge to many organizations that had not previously been aware of, or defended against, this class of attack.

Organizations of all sizes need to be aware of the risks posed by APTs and take appropriate steps to protect sensitive data. This paper provides an overview of APTs, examples and steps for defending against APTs as well as case studies that detail actual attacks.

Whitepaper: Top 10 Security Rules for Today

by SolutionaryJan 01, 2010

Many of the security disasters in today�s enterprises are born not of brilliant cyber villainy, but through the sort of simple mistakes that employees make when rushing, taking shortcuts, or are generally just lulled into security complacency. When you read through the major breach stories, there is usually something at the root that was eminently avoidable. This white paper provides ten reminders that can help your company stay out of the headlines � and the courtroom.