Elastra Corporation was founded to help enterprises automate the design, deployment and governance of their application infrastructures. Elastra's Application Infrastructure Automation solutions enable enterprise IT organizations to accelerate the delivery of new applications, effectively utilizing internal and virtualized IT resources and achieving the highest possible satisfaction ratings from their internal customers. Elastra is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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Whitepaper: Application Infrastructure Automation: Tools for fast and cost-effective application deployment

by elastraDec 04, 2009

By automating IT service delivery many IT organizations are significantly reducing lead times needed to deliver business change. At the same time, application development has become more agile by using design patterns, service-oriented architectures, and new capabilities in development and testing tools.

Despite this progress, managing the application infrastructure?the varied layers between servers, operating systems, and applications?remains very complex. In most business-critical

Whitepaper: Modeling the Virtual Data Center

by elastraNov 01, 2009

The transition to cloud computing is not simply about outsourcing or applying old technology to new IT processes, it signals a shift in how IT is designed and delivered. The ultimate value of cloud computing is realized by significantly reducing lead times needed to deliver critical business services. And, to realize this value, a new approach to modeling the new ?virtual? data center should be considered.

The quickest path to model-driven automation within the virtual data center