Founded in 1998, MicroLink has a history of providing reliable, high quality, customer-driven solutions that focus on improving productivity, collaboration, and teamwork throughout our customers enterprise and provides Business Intelligence, Business Process Automation, Information Discovery, Portals and Collaboration solutions. MicroLink's expertise is in the ability to integrate leading technologies, the company's solution accelerators (Account Provisioner, AIS, Executive Calendar, Fetch Frameworks and TaskSync) to develop repeatable business solutions in the following areas; Business Process Measurement and Management, Compliance and e-Discovery, Emergency and Critical Event management, eDecision Making, and Information Fusion and Discovery.

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Whitepaper: Automation Speeds Ability To Collaborate

by MicroLinkOct 01, 2009

Enterprise search platforms continue gaining acceptance within corporate environments. The ability to leverage a single application to search an increasing number of information sources and content types is spearheading successful deployment of enterprise search technologies. However, an ever-increasing pool of information has diluted the user�s ability to quickly find relevant information. Moreover, as more types of content are introduced into an enterprise (blogs, wikis, tweets), retrieval and rendering of these results become increasingly more complex and has caused productivity losses and a decreasing enterprise search system return on investment (ROI). With content being constantly created and updated, knowledge workers must have a way to automatically select the right pieces of content and share information across the enterprise. In other words, they must possess the right enterprise search and collaboration tool. This tool must be designed to automatically locate, categorize and deliver relevant content to the user.