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Guidewire Software is a leading provider of flexible core systems that enable property/casualty insurers to deliver insurance the way they want to. Guidewire builds high quality software that consistently works as promised. Designed for maximum flexibility and scalability, Guidewire solutions give carriers the capability to deliver excellent service to policyholders and agents and increase market share while lowering operating costs. The Guidewire Insurance Suite, consisting of Guidewire PolicyCenter, Guidewire BillingCenter, and Guidewire ClaimCenter, spans the entire insurance lifecycle underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims management. Guidewire is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in Hong Kong, London, Munich, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.

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Whitepaper: Improving Claims Excellence With Guidewire's FNOL Solution

by Guidewire SoftwareAug 15, 2008

Prompt, cost-effective, and service-sensitive claims handling cannot occur until a claim has been reported and accurately documented. Most carriers identify FNOL as the critical �first point� in the claims process �-it is the starting point of rapport building and claims control that can continue over the life of the claim. Carriers have proven that speed and accuracy during claim intake improves their ability to settle claims quickly, consistently, cost effectively and fairly -- an outcome that improves customer satisfaction and reduces leakage and overall loss costs.

Whitepaper: Billing Market Survey Results

by Guidewire SoftwareJul 15, 2008

In April 2008, Guidewire Software surveyed a broad range of Property and Casualty insurers in North America about the current state of their billing operations, how well current systems support their needs, and how they see their billing operations evolving in the future. The survey was conducted via e-mail and participants were asked to complete an online survey. Business and IT executives and staff members from more than 60 carriers participated in the survey.

Whitepaper: Case Study: Guidewire - Amica Mutual Insurance Company

by Guidewire SoftwareMay 15, 2008

At Amica Mutual Insurance Co., the organization recognized the business and service opportunities afforded by a move to a modern claims handling system. Technology quickly became a catalyst in Amica�s drive to refine and improve its claims processes and service offerings.

Whitepaper: Case Study: Guidewire - Rosgosstrakh

by Guidewire SoftwareFeb 25, 2008

Rosgosstrakh (RGS) is Russia�s largest universal insurance company and the country�s market leader in the non-life insurance market. At RGS, customer service excellence requires uncompromising claims settlement standards to deliver consistent, high-quality claims resolution for all its customers in Russia. Delivering on this philosophy comes with significant challenges as RGS� service territory spans 11 time zones and includes 20 million individuals, and more than 200 thousand corporate clients, including key financial and industrial giants.

Whitepaper: Achieving Claims Excellence with ClaimCenter

by Guidewire SoftwareFeb 07, 2008

This is an updated look at the P&C market, the critical role that the claims department plays in achieving insurer profitability and the need for insurers to embrace modern, Web-based systems and architectures in order to achieve their goals.

Webcast: The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Change The Way You do Billing

by Guidewire SoftwareFeb 01, 2008

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Change The Way You do Billing

Whitepaper: Achieving Customer Service Excellence Through Billing

by Guidewire SoftwareSep 25, 2007

Three Ways Your Billing Department Can Positively Impact Customer Experience.

Whitepaper: Guidewire BillingCenter

by Guidewire SoftwareMay 01, 2007

Guidewire BillingCenter is a complete billing system that enables insurers to implement more flexible billing models, increase billing accuracy and reduce leakage, and optimize float, while streamlining the overall billing process.

Whitepaper: Build vs Buy

by Guidewire SoftwareApr 09, 2007

Outlines the top 3 challenges facing legacy replacement projects and compares buy and build options.

Whitepaper: Guidewire BillingCenter Brochure

by Guidewire SoftwareMar 15, 2005

Guidewire BillingCenter is a comprehensive billing system for all lines of property/casualty insurance. BillingCenter is a flexible system designed to make it easier for insurers to: automate the billing lifecycle; design flexible billing, payment and delinquency plans; manage agent commissions; and enable rapid integration with external payment systems � i.e. EFT, EBPP, check writing, payroll deduction, etc. BillingCenter is available as a standalone system or as part of the Guidewire Insurance Suite, and can be integrated to an insurer�s legacy systems or third-party applications.