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Headquartered in the Garden City of India - Bangalore, with a customer base spread across the globe, you will find Sonata offices in the US, Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. Sonata's services range from IT Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management, Packaged Applications to Travel Solutions. Sonata Software was ranked among the Top 20 IT Software and Service Exporters in India by NASSCOM for the FY 07-08 and regularly wins Industry Awards. Be it in its design of solutions aligned to customer needs, or in the creation of robust processes that form its very foundation, or in its unique growth strategy, innovation in Sonata is pursued with a passion.

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Whitepaper: Development Of Uniform Management System For Airline In The Middle East

by Sonata Software LimitedApr 01, 2010

An airline in the Middle East wanted to automate its Uniform Management System, which was mapped to Oracle Inventory, for issuing uniforms to employees and updating stocks. Sonata developed an application on Oracle Applications Release 12 by customizing the required pages and developing the required custom interfaces of the Uniform Management System. Sonata also set up a Web Store by mapping the customer's requirements to Oracle Inventory and HR Self-Service Modules, and interfacing Oracle Applications with barcode software.

Whitepaper: Development Of Content-Driven Web Platform For European Travel Company

by Sonata Software LimitedApr 01, 2010

A leading European travel company �- and its end customers -- faced a number of problems in using its Web channels for various travel-related services. To overcome such business challenges, the customer wanted to improve the architecture of its application, and enhance its features and functionalities. Sonata developed a content-driven Web platform, supporting multiple Web sites/applications across various channels, such as shops, call centers, etc., for the customer. This platform offered dynamic packaging of flights and accommodation, and facilitated search and bookings from across 12,000 accommodations, 2.2 million package holidays and four different flight inventory systems.

Whitepaper: A Lean Model-Based Outlook On Cost And Quality Optimization In Software Projects

by Sonata Software LimitedApr 01, 2010

A large quantum of effort and research is being invested to address the cost and quality factors in software projects. Though the solutions, models, and methodologies are well established through experimented processes, adoption and optimization of the required parameters for a specific project to obtain predictable and acceptable quality with minimum costs has always remained a challenge. This paper discusses the Lean process in detail with the help of project data and demonstrates that simple, affordable, and adoptable processes are more economical and focused on quality.

Whitepaper: MOSS For Airlines

by Sonata Software LimitedFeb 17, 2010

This white paper discusses how MOSS-based collaboration solutions can help airlines improve employee productivity and reduce costs. It explains the challenges faced by internal departments and how MOSS features can help address them.

Whitepaper: Outsourcing Of SAP Production Support

by Sonata Software LimitedJan 15, 2010

This white paper discusses various factors that motivate organizations to outsource their SAP production support operations and the benefits of outsourcing these operations. It also focuses on the key factors that should be considered by organizations while outsourcing their SAP production support operations.