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Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting firm focused on the communications industry. Over 23,000 professionals service clients across the telecom eco-system, from our global network of development centres and sales offices across Americas, Europe, Middle-east, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Tech Mahindra is certified at PCMM Level 5 for its people-care practices and is the third company in the world to have been appraised for SSE-CMM Level 3.

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Whitepaper: 5G Superfast Internet Era

by Tech Mahindra Ltd. [R&D Services]Dec 04, 2009

At present 2G Technology (GSM) is widely used worldwide. One strong imitation with 2G technology is that the data rates are limited and is fully voice centric. This makes it inefficient for Data Transfer applications like videoconferencing, music, or video downloads, etc. To increase the speed, various new technologies have come into the picture.

Whitepaper: Unified Services Of AAA In 4G LTE Networks

by Tech Mahindra Ltd. [R&D Services]Nov 03, 2009

The present technical white paper outlines the role of AAA services for 3GPP and non-3GPP system access in LTE technology. This paper is intended for the users studying the core networks aspects of LTE systems and SAE gateway.