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Whitepaper: The Business Intelligence Conundrum

by Stonefield QueryJan 01, 2009

You�ve created a great database application. It has an easy to use and intuitive user interface. All of the information that anyone could hope for is being stored in the database. Yet, your users still aren�t happy. Why? In a recent survey one of the world�s largest accounting and CRM software manufacturers asked their customers "What if anything would you like to see us improve in our applications?" Over 50% of the respondents ranked �reporting� as the number one priority. Business applications often require reports, and end-user expectations for those reports are high. Users demand considerable sophistication, as well as self-service functionality. That means a lot of developer time. Every time you upgrade or add new features to your database application then someone has to go through every one of the canned reports to make sure they still work. Your development staff is already stretched to the limit with product enhancements and bug fixes. When will they have time to create more one-off reports?