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Voloper Creations Inc., is a global leader in enabling businesses to leverage the efficiencies of internet technologies. Our objective is to partner with our clients to understand their businesses in order to deliver internet-enabled solutions and strategies that maximize profitability.

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Whitepaper: Twenty Ways to Make Social Media Work For You

by Voloper Creations Inc.Sep 22, 2009

This eBook will walk you through the basics of making social media work for you and/or your business. Different social media sites vary in what they offer, intended use, and etiquette. We will explore 20 generalized strategies that can be applied to most forms of social media.

Whitepaper: Working With Wikipedia

by Voloper Creations Inc.Sep 22, 2009

Wikipedia has been an extremely successful "group knowledge" project. This white paper helps you understand the basic policies of Wikipedia and how you can use the site to your advantage and avoid time-consuming conflicts.