Virtustream, Inc. is an infrastructure services firm committed to helping clients actualize the enterprise cloud by providing strategy, integration and managed services leveraging virtualization technologies, and our proprietary, secure platform. Virtustream delivers efficient infrastructure solutions, backed by guaranteed service levels and a utilization-based pricing model, based on the company's four pillars of managed service excellence including Virtualization Solutions, Infrastructure as a Service, Application Management, and Outsourcing. Through a self-service, automated foundation built on eight years of virtualization expertise, Virtustream delivers flexibility that allows clients to capitalize on the flux of today's dynamic business requirements.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C, the privately held company also has offices in London, Dublin and Jersey.

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Whitepaper: Introduction To Virtustream

by VirtustreamAug 01, 2009

The demand on businesses to perform efficiently has never been greater -- responses have to be faster, the ability to change has to be rapid and transparent, delivery and performance have to be consistent, and all of this has to be achieved on increasingly aggressive IT budget limitations. To compete in this market, businesses require solutions that are almost organic in nature and capable of scaling effortlessly to keep up with today�s dynamic market. True virtualization is the combination of two basic concepts, consolidation of resource, and the ability to scale and deliver this consolidated resource as the business requires it. Virtualized infrastructure services represent the first real opportunity for organizations to match the variable demands of the business within a delivery framework that encompasses true agility. To achieve the same level of agility with physical resources would require an enormous amount of over provisioning and would result in the poor levels of utilization and the reduced return on investment often found in traditional IT projects. With the appropriate plan and design discipline, optimal virtual technologies can be implemented to not only meet objectives, but scale beyond them. The challenge facing organizations that choose to leverage the benefits of virtualization and any forward-thinking technology is how to develop, formulate, and actualize tangible benefits when knowledge, and most importantly, real-world experience in this strategic arena are at an absolute premium. Successful transformation solutions require Virtustream.