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CommScope is a global leader in connectivity solutions for communications networks. It provides infrastructure solutions for wireless, business enterprise, residential broadband and carrier wireline networks. CommScope is the behind-the-scenes connection that helps the world communicate at work, at home and on-the-go.

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Whitepaper: Are you Confident That Your Optical Fiber Infrastructure Can Support High Data Rate Applications?

by CommScope, Inc.Jul 01, 2010

As data transmission rates continue to grow, business needs consistently outgrow their cabling infrastructures, even though they meet all industry standards. CommScope has played a key role in upgrading standards requirements by going above and beyond to ensure that its products not only satisfy current data transmission needs, but will continue to provide uninterrupted service, regardless of how data rates change. For instance, CommScope�s High Resolution Differential Mode Delay (HRDMD) testing for OM4 cables currently exceeds standards in many of the areas where other companies� quality suffers the most.

Whitepaper: The SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH 360 System: Seven Basic Rules for Configuration, Installation, and Administration

by CommScope, Inc.Jul 01, 2010

The SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH 360 System utilizes MPO array fiber connectors for plug-and-play connectivity. The InstaPATCH 360 System is intentionally flexible in its implementation of array fiber technology, component design and component portfolio to allow network designers almost infinite network topology options. This white paper provides relevant background information regarding MPO connectors and array connectivity and introduces seven basic rules to be followed for proper design configuration, installation and administration of an InstaPATCH 360 System.