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Systems In Motion is the INSHORE company, based in Ann Arbor, MI and Fremont, CA. The company has developed a uniquely cost efficient domestic IT services model called "Inshoring" that is providing US companies with a strategic sourcing alternative to "offshore" outsourcing. By combining highly efficient service delivery operation, with investments in assets that drive scale, and quality, and an experienced management team, Systems In Motion delivers Application and Infrastructure management services at globally competitive price points, but in close proximity to your business.

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Whitepaper: Inshoring: A Blueprint for Building the Most Efficient Domestic IT Services Model

by Systems In MotionNov 16, 2009

Sourcing of technology services has become truly global. American enterprises today have well over 2 million people around the world in low-cost geographies providing IT and process support services. However, this has created a fundamental gap in integrating service delivery across business, function, technology and operations competencies. Bridging this gap requires significant investment in redundant resources, governance processes, infrastructure and travel. These costs, along with the escalating cost of global resources will only grow with rapid changes in the business and technology landscape.

Instead of throwing more investment dollars at bridging the gap, is it possible to eliminate it by building a more efficient, integrated, domestic sourcing alternative? This whitepaper discusses a company in Ann Arbor, MI that is proving that you can build a scalable service capability in the U.S. that is globally cost-competitive. Though it requires a re-thinking of some common sourcing assumptions, and a clean slate approach not burdened by incumbency.

Webcast: Systems In Motion Inshore Model

by Systems In MotionNov 29, 2009

This video presentation featured by Systems in Motion is titled "Technology Outsourcing Redesigned." The discussion centers on a cost-effective domestic technology services model.