Zecurion is a leading global provider of comprehensive security protection of corporate information from internal threats, emphasizing reliable and transparent backup, and as server storage security and control of peripheral devices in corporate networks with clear, easy-to-use administrative interfaces and tools.

With over 10-years of industry experience in developing encryption-based security solutions, Zecurion allows IT departments to efficiently protect corporate information from internal threats, as well as from loss or theft of backup storage media.

Zecurion's solutions are successfully protecting internal assets and IP for more than 5,000 companies worldwide. ZgateTM, ZlockTM and Zserver Suite (patent pending) have received numerous awards for its technology and security protection. Zecurion is led by an executive team experienced in developing security software and deployment across the enterprise.

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Whitepaper: Why RAID Cannot Be Considered A Storage Security Solution

by ZecurionMay 05, 2009

Think your customer�s RAID storage is secure? Think again. This informative white paper from Zecurion explains why RAID storage is vulnerable, and offers a solution to the problem.

Whitepaper: Dealing With The Enterprise Data

by ZecurionApr 05, 2009

Among companies reporting serious data leaks, 69 percent attribute their data security breaches to malicious employee activities or employee error. You can prevent this from happening to your customers, according to Zecurion, and this white paper from the company tells you how.