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Whitepaper: Management and Wireless in the Data Center

by RaritanMar 04, 2013

There are numerous advantages to using Wi-Fi for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) instead of hardwired Ethernet connections. This White Paper examines how wireless systems can support the reliability, performance and security requirements of mission-critical systems.

Whitepaper: DCD: How to ensure efficient data center monitoring

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

Technological, corporate and legislative change looms for our industry. To meet the challenges of resource management, reporting and accountability, operational flexibility and more, operations monitoring needs to keep up. This White Paper provides some "best practices" for monitoring and reporting.

Whitepaper: Smart Card Deployment in the Data Center

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

While many organizations have employed smart card identification to enhance their physical security infrastructure, data centers in particular can benefit greatly from the two-factor authentication that a smart card inherently provides to the logical realm. When seeking a smart card-enabled KVM system, choose not only a solution that fulfills the basic requirement of supporting PKI authentication to multiple servers from a single location, but also one that makes the necessary KVM feature adjustments to enable seamless use of the reader. Finally, it should adhere to industry standards to ensure that security thresholds are met.

Whitepaper: Remote Access & Control SIPRNet Solution

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

To ensure the secure transmission of classified and secret information, the U.S. Government has mandated that beginning April, 2013 all access to military, intelligence, and other classified systems will require the use of a limited-access computer network Secret Internet Provider Network (SIPRNet) token.

Even after organizations upgrade their systems for SIPRNet token access and issue hardware tokens, complying with the DoD mandate still poses significant challenges: How can authorized users quickly and securely gain access to multiple systems? How can users quickly locate a specific system? How can a user access systems in a locked data center or lab?

Building upon the industry�s first and most widely deployed CAC KVM solution, Raritan offers an enterprise-class Cat5 analog solution that gives government IT professionals the power to securely access and control servers and other network devices. This solution has been tested in multiple environments and allows classified server administrators to be SIPRNet -authenticated without losing any operational capability.

Whitepaper: EO 13514 and Smart Federal Government Data Center Management

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

EO 13514 has made the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a priority. Federal agency data centers need to perform more efficiently and reduce energy usage. This white paper examines data center management measurement, use and saving of energy in relation to the goals established by EO 13514.

Whitepaper: Advantages of Wire-Free Power Monitoring

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

Today's data centers measure power consumption and rack environments to minimize power usage. This white paper describes the use of intelligent rack PDUs with a wire-free sensor solution to monitor, in real time, the power consumption of specific devices and the environmental conditions at the rack.

Whitepaper: Deploying High Power to IT Equipment Racks

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

With average rack power consumption still increasing, the deployment of high power to racks is becoming more of a necessity for data center managers. This white paper will help you learn about high power best practices, trends, common configurations, future industry speculation and more.

Whitepaper: Remote Management and Control for Disaster Recovery

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

While IT managers can�t predict when disaster will strike, they can take steps to ensure that service will be restored as quickly as possible when it does. Raritan�s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions helps IT staff to quickly, efficiently and accurately troubleshoot, diagnose and repair post-disaster system failures.

Whitepaper: Power Distribution in Data Centers

by RaritanFeb 01, 2013

Today's data center managers are being asked to do more with less: to supply more computing power using less energy in a smaller space, while meeting limited budgets and maintaining mission-critical reliability. This white paper focuses on solutions that are successfully meeting these demands.

Whitepaper: The New Truth in Data Center Management

by RaritanJan 03, 2013

As data center management becomes more difficult, we must look beyond traditional tools and methods. Learn how our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software revitalizes the management of space, power, equipment and connections, ultimately increasing the value you already provide to your company or organization.