BriefCam's mission is to allow effective access to recorded surveillance video and enable the end user to find and display any event in only a few minutes. BriefCam achieves its goal through Video Synopsis, a proprietary image-processing technology that creates a summary of the original full length video. BriefCam can provide a complete representation of all events occurring during 24 hours of video footage in a condensed clip, as short as a few minutes long. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times.

BriefCam was founded in 2007 on the strength of technology developed at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and licensed by the university to the company. BriefCam's founders are experienced entrepreneurs, all with previous successes to their credit. BriefCam is a privately-held company headquartered in Neve Ilan, Israel.

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Whitepaper: Video Synopsis Technology

by BriefCamDec 31, 2007

This white paper describes Video Synopsis technology, a proprietary, innovative image-processing technology being commercialized by BriefCam. Video synopsis is an approach to create a short video summary of a long video. It tracks and analyzes moving objects (also called events), and converts video streams into a database of objects and activities. The technology has specific applications in the field of video surveillance where, despite technological advancements and increased growth in the deployment of CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras, viewing and analysis of recorded footage is still a costly and labor-intensive and time-intensive task. BriefCam meets the global unmet need to browse video, investigate and identify incidents rapidly, and take action. BriefCam's Video Synopsis technology gives users 24 hours in a minute, compacting hours of events into a "brief" that takes just a few minutes to review.