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Whitepaper: Best Kept Secrets of Peer Review

by SmartBearFeb 03, 2013

Developers are often reluctant to do reviews because they traditionally take the form of a heavy-weight, meeting-based process. Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review turns this notion upside-down and shows how to perform effective lightweight code review - which takes 1/5th of the time of more traditional, heavy-weight reviews.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

� Why some developers resist code review and how new tools change the game.

� The 5 types of review and their pros and cons

� What new studies and analysis shows about peer review

� Data and lessons from Cisco Systems - the largest case study ever done on lightweight code review process

� The social effects of peer review

� Questions to ask and what to do with the answers when getting started

� Useful metrics and what they mean

� The SEI Perspective

� CodeCollaborator - one of the best tools for code review

Whether you are a programmer or development manager, this is the book for you!

Whitepaper: 11 Best Practices for Peer Code Review

by SmartBearFeb 03, 2013

It's common sense that peer code review - in which software developers review each other's code before releasing software to QA - identifies bugs, encourages collaboration, and keeps code more maintainable.

But it's also clear that some code review techniques are inefficient and ineffective. The meetings often mandated by the review process take time and kill excitement. Strict process can stifle productivity, but lax process means no one knows whether reviews are effective or even happening. And the social ramifications of personal critique can ruin morale.

This 11 Best Practices for Peer Code Review describes 11 best practices for efficient, lightweight peer code review that have been proven to be effective by scientific study and by SmartBear's extensive field experience. Use these techniques to ensure your code reviews improve your code - without wasting your developers' time.