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Mosio (a play on mosiology, mobile + sociology) is a mobile software company providing text messaging and mobile web solutions for the SMB market. Mosio's SaaS (Software as a Service) model makes it easy and cost effective for companies of all sizes to realize a quick return on investment.

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Whitepaper: FieldForce Mobile Helps Increase Workforce Communication Efficiency

by Mosio, Inc.Jun 24, 2010

Mobile workforce technologies offer a competitive advantage to companies willing to embrace them, but some organizations have reps, contractors, or operators in the field with various types of phones. More companies are employing mobile and remote workforces, but many are still using phone calls for business communications. Most phone calls are costly and time consuming, lacking scalable methods of documenting and archiving conversations. Further, Americans are talking on their mobile phones less and less, preferring text messaging as their primary method of communication. FieldForce Mobile (powered by Mosio) is a Web-based mobile solution enabling companies to increase workforce communication efficiencies without changing existing technical infrastructures.