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Message Systems gives you the unprecedented ability to respond to customer needs and quickly take advantage of business opportunities with Momentum, our industry-leading message management platform. Whether sending or receiving digital messages, only Momentum can be uniquely configured to give you a distinct competitive advantage.

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Webcast: Cross-Channel Banking: How to Make Shifting Customer Behavior Work for Your Bank

by Message SystemsJun 26, 2013

This webinar will explore cross-channel behavior among bank customers, and why cross-channel strategies will be critical to the future of banking. The session will include predictions about the future of banking, and high-level recommendations for providers.

 Register for this webinar to learn:

  • What “cross-channel” means and why you should care.
  • How cross-channel behavior is playing out in banking.
  • What banks need to do to prepare for the future of cross-channel behavior.

Join us to get a look at consumer data, examples from banks, and conceptual frameworks.

Whitepaper: Message Systems' Report on The Perils of Single Source

by Message SystemsJun 01, 2010

The EcoNet partner program is designed to ensure clients get the solutions they want and can take advantage of the latest technical advances, according to Message Systems. Unlike single-source solutions, this approach means: 1) they're not limited solely to what's in-house, and 2) there's a natural incentive for application and platform providers alike to continue innovating. Openness and freedom of choice not only keeps all parties� resources focused on their core competencies, it also drives consistent improvements to help them stay competitive and maintain best-of-breed status, according to the company.

Webcast: Proven Tips for High Volume Sending

by Message SystemsDec 10, 2013

Issues with messaging deliverability can be dramatically compounded when sending in large volumes. Learn how to overcome these obstacles as we chat with Jill Resnick, a Postmaster who previously worked at Macy's and American Cancer Society, and Mike Hillyer, Global Solutions Consultant from Message Systems. They'll share their best practices on reducing deliverability issues, traffic shaping and other tips! Join us in this webinar, and learn proven techniques to:

  • Improve your operational efficiency through increased message deliverability
  • Better manage traffic shaping behaviors for improved customer experience
  • Build your technology systems to prepare for future growth

Webcast: Six Secrets to Successful Sending

by Message SystemsNov 22, 2013

In September 2012, The Relevancy Group surveyed over 400 email marketing executives. Interviews with these experts yielded the discovery of a number of crucial practices and techniques that separate the best performing email senders from the rest. David Daniels — CEO of The Relevancy Group, and formerly Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester Research — and Mike Hillyer, Senior Director of Global Solution Consulting at Message Systems will now present these survey findings and more in a new webinar: Six Secrets to Successful Sending.

Discover the best practices and techniques of the highest performing email senders. Learn:

  • Why deliverability matters
  • How to increase deliverability by 30% and drive more revenue from each email
  • Key factors driving your sender reputation and why your "score" matters
  • Why HTML code may be more important than content when getting into the inbox
  • How a high performance infrastructure can make all the difference

Webcast: Your Mobile Customer is Ready to Engage. Are you?

by Message SystemsOct 23, 2013

It’s no secret that companies today need a mobile strategy in order to communicate with their ever increasingly mobile audience.  But putting together an effective and cost-efficient mobile engagement strategy is no easy task.

  • Your mobile strategy must tie-in to your existing communication practices to enable true cross-channel interactions, and so that your company is speaking with one voice.  
  • Your newer front-end mobile applications technologies should work seamlessly with your more established back-end operational or transactional systems.
  • Your mobile strategy must constantly be reassessed. Mobile technology is experiencing an incredible pace of change. What might have been acceptable a year or even just six months ago, might no longer be enough.

Are you prepared? Join Message Systems and guest speaker Julie Ask, Forrester Research, Inc., and learn:

  • How mobile is changing the engagement model with customers.
  • Why, where and when mobile is effective, and what role messaging can play
  • Why highly visible front-end technologies should not overshadow back-end requirements
  • How to consolidate your email, SMS/MMS, and mobile push initiatives into a unified engagement strategy