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Whitepaper: The Case for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in Proactive Network Defense

by Solar WindsMar 28, 2012

It's widely accepted that Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are excellent tools for regulatory compliance, log management and analysis, trouble-shooting and forensic analysis. What's surprising to many is that this technology can play a significant role in actively defending your network.

Download this white paper to learn about SIEM technology that:
- detects and prevents blended threats
- delivers effective, affordable and usable real-time event correlation
- provides comprehensive support for multiple-device, multiple-event correlation
- minimizes false positives

Download this white paper to learn how real-time analysis, combined with in-memory correlation, and automated notification and remediation capabilities can provide you with unprecedented network visibility, security and control.

Whitepaper: IT Management for 21st Century Government

by Solar WindsSep 01, 2011

SolarWinds IT management products are used by virtually every civilian agency, state government, and branch of the military.

Discover why SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT management software to federal, state, local and education customers - from enterprise deployments to tactical networks supporting warfighters. Built by IT pros for IT pros, our products are downloadable, easy-to-use and maintain, and provide the power, scale, and flexibility required to manage today's complex, multi-vendor IT environments.

Additionally, SolarWinds has a growing online community, thwack, where public sector IT professionals gather to solve problems, share technology, and provide us with valuable input to our product roadmaps - ensuring that we are providing you with the solutions you need.

Webcast: Network Management Strategies for Government Networks: Closing the 3 Most Common Gaps

by Solar WindsSep 28, 2010

By now most organizations have deployed a Network Management System (NMS) and have begun putting together the core pieces of their network management strategy.

You probably have your network monitoring, configuration management, and application performance monitoring covered by products like Orion NPM, Orion NTA, and Orion APM. But there are a few pieces that most people forget about and using end-of-budget year funds is a great way to close those gaps and enter the New Year ahead of the curve.

During this webcast we�ll cover the top 3 gaps commonly left exposed within network management strategies today and how to address them. Specifically we�ll be discussing: remote site perspective network performance, analysis of network traffic and WAN congestion, and NMS failover and redundancy. Register to watch now!

Whitepaper: US Marine Corps Chooses SolarWinds' to Monitor & Manage their Mission Critical Networks

by Solar WindsFeb 15, 2010

SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) enables fast, secure, reliable exchange of information, giving the U.S. Marine Expeditionary Force a shared awareness of the battle space, empowering field commanders to make better decisions. This Marine Air-Ground Task Force has found the task of analyzing and managing network performance in tough environments far more efficient through the use of real-time monitoring tools from SolarWinds.

Read this in depth case study to learn more about how the US Marine Corp deployed SolarWinds real-time network monitoring solutions to help troubleshoot, analyze & manage network performance. Les Timmons, Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps and Josh Stephens, SolarWinds VP of Technology, will explore the challenges associated with deploying and monitoring battle field networks including: Quality of service issues on the battle field, support for IP-based voice systems, ability to monitor power sources & status, and support for mission critical applications such as video teleconferencing.

Whitepaper: Choosing the Right Enterprise Network Management Solution

by Solar WindsNov 01, 2009

IT departments are charged with doing more with less. That means finding ways to work more efficiently and effectively. The right network management tools can do just that. This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES� (EMA�) white paper is meant to serve as a guide to help decision makers purchasing or re-assessing their existing network management solutions. This paper discusses the challenges and the most widely available solution providers and how these tools can help achieve and deliver both reliability and performance.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) provides an overview of the most widely available solution providers and how their tools can help achieve and deliver both reliability and performance on enterprise networks. This white paper includes, criteria taken into account when determining if a solution is a good fit: pricing, scalability, stability, ease of maintenance, customization, licensing, evaluation testing, functionality, and support options.