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Radiant Logic, Inc. is the leading provider of virtual directory solutions for identity management and enterprise information integration. The RadiantOne Identity and Context Virtualization Platform is being utilized by Fortune 500 corporations to provide virtual access to any applications and data sources for authentication, authorization, profile and personalization data, for portals, and services provisioning for application integration projects. Radiant Logic's solutions have been used to solve tough identity and data integration problems at companies around the world. Companies and organization such as British Petroleum, Comcast, Discover Financial, Disney, Defense Information Systems Agency, Federal Reserve Bank, Federal Home Loan Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Freddie Mac, Lexmark, Telecom Italia, Symantec, USAF and Time Warner Telecom use the RadiantOne solution to speed deployment, solve integration challenges and cut costs for identity management projects.

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Whitepaper: Federate Identities - Key to Seamless SSO

by Radiant LogicApr 23, 2015

In this whitepaper, we show how a federated identity service acts as a hub to empower your most critical identity initiatives, including single sign-on, web access management, federation with partners, and moving to the cloud.

Learn how a federated identity service based on virtualization offers simple, logical, secure, and standards-based access to all sources of identity inside your organization or enterprise-regardless of location, protocol, or format.

Whitepaper: Turn Identity into a Business Enabler, Not an IT Bottleneck

by Radiant LogicApr 23, 2015

Business is all about adaption and change, so being able to easily reorganize people, processes, and resources is essential to productivity and growth.

More agile identity management is the key ingredient for the success of your initiatives, from the tactical to the strategic level. Whether you're adding a business unit, taking advantage of a cloud application, or orchestrating a billion-dollar merger, an agile identity management system is purpose-built to dispatch the right

Whitepaper: Zen and the Art of Identity Federation

by Radiant LogicApr 23, 2015

Has your identity infrastructure hit choppy waters? Set Sail for stronger authentication, richer authorization, and smarter security for all your identity initiatives. RadiantOne delivers a global view of identity on top of your previous identity investments, for faster deployments, lower integration costs, and all the flexibility you need to navigate changing business requirements

Whitepaper: Federated Identity Service Buyers Guide

by Radiant LogicApr 23, 2015

To ensure security these days, the entire diverse and distributed enterprise identity infrastructure must become one secure global service. A federated identity service based on virtualization is the answer for protecting today's increasingly federated environments—and evolving them to meet future demands and opportunities. In this paper, we'll look at how such a service helps you manage all this complexity and see how other solutions stack up.

Whitepaper: Directory Migration Guide

by Radiant LogicApr 23, 2015

Migrate Without Pain: Replace Your Aging LDAP Infrastructure While Supporting Legacy Applications

Whitepaper: HDAP - The World's First Directory Built on Big Data Standards

by Radiant LogicMar 05, 2015

With Linear Scalability and High-Availability, HDAP is Changing the Way You Store, Search and Manage Identity Information. HDAP delivers elastic computing to the enterprise identity infrastructure. With HDAP, companies can radically scale their access and throughput, using the first highly-scalable and secure directory that's based on big data and search technology.

Whitepaper: How to Deliver Attribute-Driven Authorization with Your Current Identity Infrastructure

by Radiant LogicOct 15, 2014

Learn how to deliver smarter, finer-grained authorization without uprooting your current identity infrastructure and reap the benefits of attribute-driven access control by federating identities and creating dynamic groups.

Groups are essential to good policies and secure access. Organizations use them every day in a role-based access control model for authorization to web applications, cloud applications, and corporate portals. Yet groups are often static and assigning members is a laborious manual process, particularly when your identity infrastructure is fragmented across many data silos. This is a pervasive challenge for large organizations and limits flexibility while constraining your security policies. Now you can provide smarter access that's akin to ABAC by federating identities and building dynamic groups that are driven by the very data sitting in those diverse identity silos. See how a federated identity service such as RadiantOne can help your organization leverage attributes from a disparate identity infrastructure (directories, databases, or applications) to drive groups, simplify your policies, and deliver smarter, attribute-driven access control - all without any heavy lifting.

Whitepaper: Evolve SiteMinder with a Federated Identity Service

by Radiant LogicAug 24, 2014

Many companies use CA Technologies' SiteMinder to provide single sign-on (SSO) and Web access management, allowing easy access to Web applications and portals. Creating a single view of identity, by federating identities with RadiantOne federated identity service (FID), will allow you to get more from your existing SiteMinder deployment. In this use case we will explain why and share some examples of Radiant Logic customers using RadiantOne for SiteMinder.

Whitepaper: Top 5 Federated Identity and SharePoint Use Cases

by Radiant LogicJun 10, 2014

Learn top five ways to get more from your SharePoint deployment using the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service. See how you can extend Microsoft SharePoint to larger populations outside of the Microsoft stack with ease, and ensure collaboration across all your constituencies and devices.

Whitepaper: NG_TEST_06

by Radiant LogicAug 01, 2012