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Whitepaper: Laptop Locks: A Simple and Cost-Effective Approach to DLP

by KensingtonSep 01, 2010

Laptop theft is a leading cause of data breach. So when an employee leaves the office with a laptop�your data security goes along with it. This authoritative whitepaper explores the latest trends in laptop provisioning, discusses the implications of lost and stolen laptops, and suggests reliable security solutions for data loss prevention.

If your mandate is to implement a foolproof plan that will protect your company�s proprietary data, this whitepaper can easily help you put a comprehensive security solution in place. Kensington is the industry leader in IT security, and offers inventive and trusted solutions for business.

Whitepaper: Laptop Theft: The Internal and External Threats

by KensingtonSep 01, 2010

IT managers report a 21% increase in laptop theft, with only 3% of all stolen laptops recovered. So if you have a mobile workforce, you should be informed about hidden risks that can greatly impact your business and your bottom line.

This whitepaper discusses key issues such as measuring the financial cost of a stolen laptop�including lost productivity, regulatory and legal penalties, and damage to client relationships. Is laptop theft a business or employee responsibility? How can you maintain security of data and intellectual property? How can a data breach impact your company�s reputation? Find out in this IDC whitepaper.