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Whitepaper: How Outsourcing Affect Bilateral Political Relations

by Institute for the Study of LaborJan 01, 2008

The validity of a decision is a function of the reliability of the data from which it is derived. Spatial data now plays a core activity in most, if not all organizations. GIS derived results invariably impact negatively or positively on operational and planning decisions. Logically this implies that careful use of GIS-supplied information requires an accuracy assessment of all data involved. This paper from International Federation of Surveyors explores a cognitive process, the balance (or trade - off) effect that has been shown to influence good decision-making. A brief analysis of elements of data quality is given.

Whitepaper: Entrepreneurship And The Process Of Firms Entry, Survival And Growth

by Institute for the Study of LaborJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Institute for the Study of Labor aims at critically discussing the recent literature on firm formation and survival and the growth of new-born firms. The basic purpose is to single out the microeconomic entrepreneurial foundations of industrial dynamics (entry and exit) and to characterize the founder´┐Żs ex-ante features in terms of likely ex-post business performance. The main conclusion is that entry of new firms is heterogeneous with innovative entrepreneurs being found together with passive followers, over-optimist gamblers and even escapees from unemployment.