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OpsiTech designs, manufactures and markets high-performance integrated optical components and modules for optical networking systems. Its unique Silica-on-Silicon planar waveguide platform not only offers the flexibility to design single optical functions but also allows for the highly value added multi-optical functionalities on the same chip. Taking advantages of well-known and proven manufacturing techniques from the semiconductor industry, OpsiTech enables scalable, reliable and low-cost production. Thus, installed into metropolitan, long haul and ultra long haul optical networking systems, OpsiTech’s components and modules make possible the rapid deployment of competitive high capacity optical networks in a very smart and cost effective manner.

Highly competitive high-port interleavers and AWG Mux/Dmux are available at 25Ghz, 50GHz, 100GHz and 200HGz with superior IL, crosstalk, PMD and PDL and unsurpassed CD.

Located in France and in USA, OpsiTech is focused on becoming a top-tier worldwide optical components manufacturer for next generation optical networking systems.

Please visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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