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Webcast: Forrester Web Event: Key success factors in overcoming mobile implications

by HP SoftwareDec 09, 2013

With multiple operating systems (which change frequently), new devices releasing each month, and various types of network connections, it’s difficult to keep up with the testing, performance, security and development of your mobile applications.

Join this Forrester web event to see how you can:

  • Deliver secure, connected enterprise mobile apps
  • Support BYOD (bring-your-own-device)
  • Engage and empower employees
  • Explore all the challenges mobile brings in developing, securing, deploying and monitoring mobile apps

Get Forrester's view of the toughest challenges to managing the mobile application lifecycle. Register Now.

Webcast: How Attackers Identify and Exploit Software and Network Vulnerabilities

by HP SoftwareDec 04, 2013

Every attack on an enterprise begins with a single vulnerability - usually a hole in an application, an open port on a network, or a misconfigured device. But how do the bad guys find these vulnerabilities? What methods do they use to seek out potential entry points, and how do they use those flaws to crack your enterprise data? In this fascinating webcast, top security experts look at the latest trends and techniques in vulnerability detection and offer a detailed look at the latest methods for exploiting vulnerabilities in enterprise applications.

Webcast: Effective Automation For Your Data Center: Top Five Best Strategies For Building Your Private Cloud

by HP SoftwareDec 03, 2013

The scope, scale and complexity of enterprise data centers is rapidly rising due to increased use of virtualization, cloud, big data and mobility. Applications and workloads are becoming more dynamic and volatile and IT staff are being asked to become more efficient and responsive. Automation across physical, virtual and cloud data centers is vital for effective operations and consistent service levels.

Register for this webinar and learn five of the most important automation strategies to use today in your data center.

  • The impact of virtualization, cloud, big data and mobility on the operational priorities for today's enterprise data centers
  • How leading IT decision makers expect to use a range of automation and orchestration technologies to streamline operations and improve service levels
  • The most important evaluation criteria to consider when investing in data center automation and orchestration solutions
  • Five key steps to ensure your organization successfully implements and utilizes data center automation and orchestration technologies across the enterprise

Whitepaper: Five Steps to Successful Integrated Cloud Management

by HP SoftwareJun 06, 2011

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Based on the experiences of early cloud adopters, IDC Research Vice President Mary Johnston Turner identifies five steps for successful integrated cloud management.

These strategies help IT organizations dramatically improve application provisioning time and costs, accelerate development, and improve business agility. This practical guide will direct you on the opportunities for rapid payback-typically 12-24 months.

Whitepaper: Agile development meets IT operations - in the cloud

by HP SoftwareJun 06, 2011

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This paper explains how agile and cloud-computing initiatives can act as catalysts to the ever important relationship between development and operations. The result is higher-performing, easier-to-manage, more reliable and more cost-efficient applications and services.

Whether you're using Agile methodologies or a traditional waterfall approach, this white paper can tell you how cloud can be your opportunity to integrate apps and ops into an seamless team that produces and maintains higher-quality applications and services.

Whitepaper: Four Steps to Better Application Management and Deployment

by HP SoftwareJun 06, 2011

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As you know, application management and deployment are only getting more difficult. Applications are complex and error prone to deploy because each application makes unique requirements on the underlying IT environment supporting it. Automation makes it easier, faster, and safer to hand off applications from the development team to operations.

Whitepaper: Three reasons why ITIL is essential to your cloud

by HP SoftwareJun 06, 2011

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Cloud computing and hybrid delivery models promise to help IT seamlessly integrate services. But when services are both in- and out-sourced, the emphasis on service levels, trust, security, and the user experience becomes critical.

Learn how, in hybrid environments, ITIL v3 and service lifecycle management can help you avoid cloud sprawl and chaos, minimize the risk of service disruption, and maximize user satisfaction.