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Whitepaper: Federal CIO's Guide to the Dynamic Data Center - Creating a 21st Century Government Information Technology Infrastructure

by MerlinMar 28, 2011

The Federal Government data center is rapidly evolving to provide new services and capabilities that can greatly enhance the value of the agency�s enterprise infrastructure.

New technologies such as Cloud Computing, Infrastructure/Software as a Service (IaaS or SaaS), and Virtualization have the ability to transform the existing agency enterprise into a 21st Century infrastructure that is agile and service oriented.

Whitepaper: Federal CIO's Guide to the Dynamic Data Center - Business Continuity in the Data Center

by MerlinMar 28, 2011

Business continuity solutions for the Dynamic Data Center go beyond the old concept of a backup capability to increasing the overall ability to better serve customers on a daily basis through greater flexibility and the addition of new and differentiated services. This Pillar document provides the agency executive reader with:

• An easy to understand overview of what business continuity is and how important it is to their agency�s future operational readiness and ability to serve their customer better

• The drivers and associated benefits business continuity implementations can provide to the executive�s agency

• A set of next steps the executive should take in order to prepare the agency to gain the maximum benefit from business continuity plans

Whitepaper: Federal CIO's Guide to the Dynamic Data Center - Consolidation in the Data Center

by MerlinMar 28, 2011

Data center consolidation is not only an essential step in the path to a Dynamic Data Center, it is also a federal initiative mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for all executive agencies. The federal executive needs to understand not only how to meet or exceed OMB�s requirements, but also develop a comprehensive consolidation plan that will provide their agency with the capabilities necessary to meet future mission requirements while reducing costs and achieving their Green IT goals.

Whitepaper: Federal CIO's Guide to the Dynamic Data Center - Virtualization in the Data Center

by MerlinMar 28, 2011

Virtualization is a critical technology that executives need to understand and incorporate into their agency�s business strategy, and is one of the Pillar technologies that help transform the old data center into the Dynamic Data Center. Virtualization has already been shown to provide significant advantages in reducing costs and improving operational capabilities. It has become a critical time in the data center�s evolution to move from viewing the introduction of Virtualization from a technology initiative to an overall business driver and differentiator.

Whitepaper: Special Report: Your Roadmap to Success with the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI)

by MerlinMar 31, 2011

Agency CIOs will be challenged to find the resources and budget to invest in FDCCI and will need to show a return on investment (ROI). This is a clear situation where proper planning and execution, coupled with the introduction of new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing, can provide significant long-term value to agencies.