Acquia is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system.

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Whitepaper: Build Great Digital Experiences in the Financial Services Industry

by AcquiaMar 16, 2014

Build great digital experiences in the financial services industry with Acquia Cloud Site Factory. Whether that includes spinning up sites for new campaigns or being able to focus marketing and content efforts on educational landing pages, Financial Services brands are using digital to expand their impact. Reduced costs, time to market, and the speed and agility to keep up with rapidly changing consumer expectations are the priorities. In this ebook, we'll look at the ways Financial Services can

Whitepaper: Take Control of Your Digital Properties

by AcquiaMar 16, 2014

Acquia Cloud site factory enables digital business leaders to efficiently and effectively deliver large numbers of unique, branded web experiences while maintaining control of the process. Time to market becomes days instead of weeks or months. With Acquia Cloud Site Factory, you'll be able to control website production with a repeatable, scalable, well managed platform that lowers costs and facilitates creativity and innovation.

This technical guide will explain the technical details

Whitepaper: Get a Grip on Hosting Costs for Your High Volume Website

by AcquiaAug 01, 2011

Improve performance, scalability and availability, while reducing business risk and costs with the Drupal Open Source social publishing platform and Acquia Hosting services. If you're looking to deliver dynamic, highly interactive "social" websites, and handle volumes of millions of page views per month and up, this paper is a must read. With Acquia Hosting you are able to do so with high performance, 100% availability, at a fraction of the cost most companies are paying today.

In this

Whitepaper: Building Enterprise Social Communities with Drupal

by AcquiaAug 01, 2011

Innovations in consumer social web services create both opportunity and risk for your enterprise. Your customers and employees are increasingly gathering in online communities of like-minded people, and there is an urgent, growing need to nurture these communities. The organizations that succeed and leverage this social momentum increase loyalty, brand value, and revenue. Those that fail to do so will be stuck merely watching as their communities self-organize wherever the community wants to -

Whitepaper: Assembling a Next Generation Enterprise Web Infrastructure with Drupal and Acquia

by AcquiaAug 01, 2011

Once thought of as a content distribution channel, the web is now about social content experiences: the rich, interactive experiences that can be created from a blend of media types shared by diverse groups of individuals and delivered to all kinds of devices. With this sweeping change has come a new set of challenges.

In this paper we describe how the open-source social publishing platform Drupal, together with Acquia, gives you the tools you need to regain control of your web content

Whitepaper: Migrating a Web Site to Drupal

by AcquiaAug 01, 2011

Drupal's advantages for running enterprise web sites are well established by such companies as FedEx, The Economist, and The White House. But many who would like to use it hesitate because they fear loss of assets now managed by their current site's platform, or expect the procedure to transfer those assets to be prohibitively difficult.

This paper examines scenarios for migrating from other content-management systems (CMSes) such as Vignette, Jive, FatWire, ColdFusion, and Joomla. It

Whitepaper: Social Publishing for Marketers

by AcquiaApr 01, 2011

This whitepaper is a CMO?s guide to achieving breakthrough marketing results with social publishing from Drupal and Acquia.

Marketing has undergone dramatic change in the last ten years. While the objective remains the same, changes in technology and in buyer behavior have thoroughly transformed marketing teams, tactics and tools.

Read this Whitepaper to learn how the Drupal social publishing platform, in combination with Acquia expertise, support, and software as a service

Whitepaper: Drupal and Web Experience Management

by AcquiaApr 01, 2011

Drupal is more than a platform for publishing content on the web. It offers marketers the unparalleled capabilities to produce and maintain compelling interactive experiences. Web sites come alive -- rich media, images, and text are integrated into a consistent environment and delivered dynamically to familiar browsers and mobile devices alike. Read this whitepaper to learn about how you can leverage Drupal to manage your web presence.

Whitepaper: The Fastest Way to a Drupal Site

by AcquiaApr 01, 2011

This white paper will give you a small planning toolset and a few tips to help get you oriented. I?d like you to get a Drupal 7 website planned and online today, and the fastest way to get there is Drupal Gardens (drupalgardens.com). It saves you from the technical overhead and lets you dive into how Drupal works, exploring the administrative interface and learning how to organize content.