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Microsoft's Financial Services Group provides software that helps financial firms transform the customer, employee and operations experience so they can maximize opportunities for increased market share and profitability. Microsoft software helps empower people and IT staff within financial firms and across key focus areas such as advisor platforms, channel renewal, insurance value chain, enterprise risk management and compliance, and payments. Through a combination of Microsoft- and partner-provided solutions, customers enable their employees to turn data into insight, transform ideas into action and turn change into opportunity.

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Whitepaper: 10 Things You Need to Know About Deploying Windows Vista

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

Whether a person will be deploying to 10, 100, or 100,000 computers, just knowing how the process has changed from Windows XP will make the deployment run much more smoothly. This Microsoft paper explains 10 deployment differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista that the person will be glad he discovered when it’s time to make the move.

Whitepaper: 2007 Microsoft Office System Suites Comparison White Paper

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

To allow organizations and individuals the flexibility to address their specific challenges, Microsoft has a variety of Office suites to select from. This paper describes the commonalities and differences among the suites of the 2007 Microsoft Office system: Microsoft Office Standard 2007, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007and Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007. The decision about which suite or suites are best suited to a particular organization should be based on an understanding of the business needs and collaborative style of the organization and its employees, on the applications and functionality available to meet those needs.

Whitepaper: 2007 Microsoft Office System Versions Comparison

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

With each new release of the Microsoft Office system, Microsoft has continued to expand and enhance the technologies that comprise Microsoft Office, giving people access to tools that keep pace with today’s changing work environment. The previous releases provided users with a broad range of collaborative tools as well as a platform for a new generation of productivity solutions. The 2003 editions enabled users to create and share documents and information more easily than ever before. The 2007 Microsoft Office suites continue this trend with new collaborative tools as well as enhanced integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Whitepaper: 4 Ways to Take Control of Your E-mail Inbox

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

If a person has lots of e-mail in his Inbox he might want to rethink his processing methods. Really, it is possible to empty the Inbox. The key is to evaluate how one is processing and organizing his e-mail and make some changes. Developing a new approach to processing Inbox will help one to gain more control, improve response time, and keep up with critical actions and due dates. This paper will cover 4 key factors that will help an individual process his e-mail more efficiently.

Whitepaper: 4 Ways to Use Your Mobile PC in a Meeting

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

The use of wireless networks has been increasing over the past couple of years, particularly in busy offices, in coffee shops, and on university campuses. If the user uses a mobile PC while in the office, wireless networks make it easier for the user to work away from the desk and to use his/her mobile computer in more places. In the workplace, mobile PCs are particularly useful while attending meetings. This paper discusses 4 ways to use Microsoft Windows XP and some Microsoft Office programs to be more productive in meetings.

Whitepaper: 5 Ways to Save Time During Conference Calls

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

Valuable time is wasted during conference calls when people aren’t working together. Fortunately, there is a simple fix that anyone with Microsoft Windows can use to get things back on track: Windows NetMeeting. NetMeeting is a complete Internet conferencing solution for all Windows users. Using a simple IP address, it offers data conferencing, text chat, whiteboard, file transfer, and even audio and video capabilities. This paper explains the features which the author found most useful in business settings are the data conferencing and whiteboard capabilities.

Whitepaper: 6 Ways to Work More Effectively on a Virtual Team

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

Who hasn’t awakened a colleague from a deep sleep with a mistimed telephone query, wished for a quick in-person chat to resolve a sticky problem with a co-worker who’s forever on the move, or didn’t know where to find a critical file owned by someone half a world away? These and other problems are commonplace for those who work on teams in other parts of the city, country, or the world. The suggestions mentioned in this paper might help solve some of the other problems of working with others a world away.

Whitepaper: 7 Tips to Manage Your Files Better

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

One works with documents, presentations, graphics, and other files all day. And then how much time does the person spend looking for files that he worked on? A couple minutes here and a couple minutes there. On a daily basis, it can all add up. There is a better way to stop the clutter: manage the files more effectively. Managing files on the computer is a lot like managing paper files. They can be organized using folders and then stored in specific locations for when the person needs them. This paper from Microsoft explains tips for managing the files.

Whitepaper: 7 Ways to Organize Your E-Mail

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

With meetings and the general chaos of a normal work day, an e-mail Inbox can quickly get cluttered. To avoid this messy situation Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 offers some tools that can help one organize messages in meaningful, easy-to-control ways so that one can focus on his work. Outlook Express, which comes as part of Microsoft Internet Explorer has an interface similar to Outlook but doesn’t offer the same breadth of tools for e-mail management. This white paper shows some of the Outlook 2003 tools that a person can use to manage his e-mail.

Whitepaper: 7 Ways to Share Information With Co-Workers

by Microsoft CorporationJan 01, 2008

This paper talks about seven ways to share information with co-workers. The paper illustrates about e-mail, Instant Messaging (IM), shared workspace sites, sending attachments, sending a fax using fax services, network file shares and storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, or Floppy Discs, and USB Storage Devices. Its also explains the benefits & challenges that users gets or faces whilst adopting this approach.