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Perimeter E-Security is the trusted market leader of information security services that delivers enterprise-class protection and compliance. Through its cost-effective and scalable SaaS platform, Perimeter offers the most comprehensive compliance and security solutions that include: end-to-end secure messaging solutions, managed security services, vulnerability management and security consulting services.

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Webcast: 5 Critical Data Security Predictions for 2011

by Perimeter E-SecurityDec 09, 2010

Last year, enterprises of all sizes saw an exponential increase in the information risks they face. The term "data leak prevention" entered common usage among security professionals, while new buzzwords like "advanced persistent threat" gave them more things to worry about.

Listen to a recorded webcast presented by Andrew Jaquith, Chief Technology Officer for Perimeter E-Security and recent Forrester analyst, as he wraps up the year's top security stories, looks forward to the year ahead, and predicts five security trends for 2011.

Topics and Objectives:

• Another Year of Living Dangerously: A Look Back

• Three Key Incidents from 2010 and Lessons Learned

• Take it to the Bank: Five Data Security Predictions for 2011

      -Your employer locks down your phone

      -Data leak prevention goes mainstream

      -The �Advanced Persistent Threat� meme dies

      -US crawls towards EU-style data protection

      -Public data security benchmarks emerge

• Q&A

Webcast: The Advantages of Cloud-Based Email Archiving

by Perimeter E-SecurityJan 27, 2011

�Archiving in the cloud has been rapidly growing in popularity, offering a number of benefits, which are attractive to companies of all sizes and all industries. These benefits are especially important in these times of tighter budgets, shrinking IT teams, and increased email volume. However, security and legal compliance of cloud solutions continues to be an area of concern.

Listen to this recorded webcast, moderated by messaging industry analyst Dr. Sara Radicati, and learn about the benefits your organization can derive from moving to a cloud-based email archiving solution, what is really involved in such a move, and how to ensure you are truly protected from a legal, compliance and security standpoint.

Whitepaper: Why You Should Consider The Advantages of Cloud-Based Email Archiving

by Perimeter E-SecurityJan 27, 2011

In 2011, the average corporate employee will send and receive about 112 email messages per day and this volume of emails sent and received is only growing with time. This continuously growing number could mean a large impact on your organization�s regulatory compliance, and security. Organizations not only need a system to store and manage these messages, which may contain sensitive and confidential data, but also a system that provides an efficient way to monitor and retrieve messages that can pose serious legal and reputational threats to organizations.

Email archiving solutions that allow organizations to comply with internal policies, as well as government regulations, are available as products (software or appliances), or services in the cloud. However, the deployment of cloud archiving solutions is growing at a much faster rate than that of on-premises products and many companies question the cost, stability and security of using a cloud solution.

Download our complimentary whitepaper, authored by messaging industry analyst The Radicati Group, to learn more about a cloud-based archiving solution and the key benefits that your organization should consider.